October 14, 2013

Candidates listed for Clinton County


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Four seats are contested for Clinton County Legislature in the November election, as are the spots for City of Plattsburgh mayor and every Common Council seat. 

And voters will go to the polls in all Clinton County towns, where numerous challengers vie for various positions.

Here’s the slate:


Legislature Area 2: Jonathan C. Beach (R, C).

Legislature Area 4: Gerard A. Renadette (R, C); Colin Read (D, I, WF).

Legislature Area 6: Patty A. Waldron (D); John C. Bernardi (R, I).

Legislature Area 8: Mark P. Dame (R, I); Robert E. Dolan (D).

Legislature Area 10: Richard “Rick” Perry (R, C); Robert “Bobby” Hall (D, I, WF).

County Treasurer: Kimberly A. Davis (D, I, WF); Susan Polhemus (R).

District Attorney: Andrew Wylie (D, WF).


Town Council (vote for two): Joey M. Snide (D); Jeanne M. Bushey (D); Gregory M. Spinner (R); James E. Fountain (R).


Town Council (vote for two): Scot M. Zmijewski (R, C, I); Steven D. Sucharski (D).


Supervisor: Dennis J. Relation (R, C, I).

Town Council (vote for two): Rufus “Joe” Deyo (D, WF); Michael Morales (D, C, I, WF); Sherman P. Dubrey (R).

Assessor: Michel Fountain (R, C, I).

Highway superintendent: Roger A. Perry, (R, C, I).

Town clerk/tax collector: Kelly M. LaFountain (R, C, I); Maureen Bradish (WF).


Town Council (vote for two): Ronald G. Wilkins (D); James J. Seguin (D).

Town justice: Gary E. Frenia (D, C, I).


Supervisor: Larry G. Barcomb (R, C).

Town Council (vote for two): John L. Cooper (D); Bryan E. Moore (R).

Superintendent of highways: Allen J. Racine (D).

Town clerk/tax collector: Julie L. Castine (R, C).


Supervisor: Peter D. Souza (independent); Mark R. Henry (R, I).

Town Council (vote for two): Timothy P. Collins (D); Martin Bouchard (D); Willie Giroux (R); Cathy A. Devins (R).

Town Council (unexpired term, vote for one): Joyce I. Samonek (D); Daniel P. Vesco (I).

Town clerk/tax collector: Philip F. Beauharnois (D).

Superintendent of highways: Timothy S. Lamica (D).



Supervisor: Daniel L. Laclair (D).

Town Council (vote for two): William I. Soucia (D); Francis R. Helm (D); Robert Rushford (R); Gregory Poupore (R); Daniel L. Laclair (D).

Town clerk: Deborah A. McComb (D).

Superintendent of highways: Steven L. Matthews (D).

Tax collector: Cindy M. Helm (D).


Supervisor: William “Bill” Chase (R); Penny A. LeClair (D).

Town Council (vote for two): Joseph L. Leclair (R, I); David J. Benjamin (D); James W. Barber (D); Donna M. Wood (R).

Town clerk/tax collector: Deborah L. Coryer (R, D).

Superintendent of highways: Lloyd J. Clukey (R); Mark A. Siskavich (D, I, WF).

Town justice: Ricky H. Coryer (D); Thomas M. Douglas (R).


Supervisor: David F. Leonard (D); Horst J. Schroeder (R).

Town Council (vote for two): Dennis F. LaBombard (D); Deryl L. Gregory (D); Justin J. Decoste (R); Nathan T. Bombard (R).

Town clerk: Shannon L. Hamelin-Dubrey (D); Jason L. Dezan (R).

Tax collector: Nathan J. LaBombard (D); Michelle L. Dezan (R).

Superintendent of highways: Bradley J. Wright (R).

Assessor: Stewart F. Seguin (D); Joanne V. Schoonmaker (R).


Supervisor: Cory S. Ross (D); Jeff L. Menard (R).

Town Council (vote for two): Gerald J. LaValley (D); Mary K. Myatt (D); Roger Favreau (R); Shirley A. Gadway (R).

Town clerk/tax collector: Brandi B. Lloyd (D).

Superintendent of highways: Dick Boulerice (D, C, WF); Ricky A. Rabideau (R).

Town justice: David P. Kokes (R).


Supervisor: Kregg M. Bruno (D); Peter G. Glushko (R, C, I).

Town Council (vote for two): James T. Douglas (D, C, I); Lana B. Knight (D); Donald F. McBrayer (R).

Town clerk/tax collector: John I. Facteau (D); Kathleen F. Flynn (R, C, I).

Superintendent of highways: Michael H. Farrell (R, D, I, C).

Town justice (vote for two): Jim Kirby (D); John H. Lawliss (R).


Town Council (vote for two): Michael S. Cashman (D, WF); Paul D. Lamoy (D, WF); Bill Brudvig (R); Thomas L. Metz (R).

Tax collector: Jackie A. Bellew (D, WF).

Town justice: Kevin M. Patnode (D, WF).


Supervisor: Joe Gerardi (D, WF).

Town Council (vote for two): Michelle Petrashune (R); Janine Allen (independent); Sam Tedford (C); Ellen Lamora (D, WF); Dan Carter (D, WF); Robert V. Brooks (R).

Town Council (unexpired term): Roman F. Miner (D); Janine Allen (R, independent).

Town clerk: Mary Bell (R).

Tax collector: Mark W. White (D).

Superintendent of highways: Leo P. Vann (R); James “Jim” Facteau (D, C, I, WF).


Supervisor: Kevin J. Randall (D); Harold E. Ormsby (R).

Town Council (vote for two): Barb Benkwitt (independent); Todd A. Rabideau (D); Willard “Bill” Todd (D); Richard “Dick” Reome (R); Howard B. Newton (R).


Mayor: Christopher L. Rosenquest (independent); Jim Calnon (R, I); Mark C. Tiffer (D, WF).

Common Council Ward 1: Maureen Carlo (independent); Bill Ferris (R, C, I); Rachelle C. Armstrong (D, WF).

Common Council Ward 2: W. Michael Kelly (D, WF); Michael J. Drew (R, I).

Common Council Ward 3: Justin R. Meyer (D, WF); Dale W. Dowdle (R, I).

Common Council Ward 4: Peter Ensel (R, I); Paul “Crusher” O’Connell (D, WF).

Common Council Ward 5: Bruce Lawson (R, I); Rebecca B. Kasper (D, WF).

Common Council Ward 6: Christopher J. Jackson (independent); Joshua A. Kretser (D, WF); James R. A. Wemette (R, I).