October 23, 2013

Campaign signs turn off some voters


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Candidates might not want to invest a whole lot of money in campaign signs, if Press-Republican Facebook readers are any indication.

Turns out those roadside signs that you can’t avoid this time of year aren’t popular.

We asked our Facebook followers: “So what influences you when you vote? The political signs along roadsides? Letters to the Editor? Articles you read? Door-to-door visits?”

Here are some of the answers:

Carrie Ann Rollier: “Qualifications.”

Marc Woodley: “A debate town-meeting style would really help in my decision. But doesn’t seem this town wants to do anything like that. God forbid we actually hear what the (candidates) have planned or plan on doing in this town.”

Cheryl Breen Randall: “Qualifications and door-to-door visits which provide the opportunity to listen and ask one-on-one.”

Chris Jones: “A combination of cable news, ads and getting informed on the issues, NOT signs.”

Melissa Soucy: “I will not vote for anyone who puts up signs anywhere esp. the road side as they never go back and pick them all up and they turn into roadside trash. Do we see the politicians out cleaning up the roads of trash when some of it is their signs? NO so the don’t get my vote.”

Fred V Provoncha: “Often, the local parties put out the road signs, not the candidates...”

Carole Miller Osborne: “Door to door. The more signs, the less likely I am to vote for them.”

Violet Benson: “I will not vote for the candidate that puts a sign up without permission of the landowner. This shows their brassiness and lack of respect to the people.”

Jessica Chase: “Honestly the road signs are just plain stupid! They are sooo annoying! They look terrible and are useless!”

Eunice LeClair: “I try to vote for what I believe to be an honest and sincere candidate that will work doggedly for his constituents. I really do not care for all the political road signs, nor do I want any phone calls hyping any particular candidate. Honesty seems to be falling by the wayside, and personal lives and scandal the norm. None of us are pure and chaste, and we all have imperfections. A good candidate will address these, and I hope I can judge their honesty and sincerity and vote for them even if they have had a lapse in sound judgment.”

Rachel Carter: “HATE political signs along the roads.”

Jennifer Scotto Di Carlo: “I go to the right side of the ticket and punch straight down. I am a party-line voter.”