October 10, 2011

Essex County elections include supervisor, council races


ELIZABETHTOWN — The general election in Essex County will see races for supervisor in 10 towns.

Elizabethtown, Keene, Westport, Newcomb, Crown Point, North Elba, North Hudson, Essex, Schroon and Willsboro have supervisor contests, while there are council races in Crown Point, Schroon, Elizabethtown, Jay, Keene, North Hudson, Newcomb and Willsboro.

All towns have local offices on the ballot for the Tuesday, Nov. 8, general election. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


County clerk: Joseph Provoncha, incumbent (R, C); and Brent Vosburg (D, I).


Supervisor: Gerald Morrow (D, I), incumbent.

Town clerk: Lynn Jarvis (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Russell Blaise (R), incumbent; and Joseph Kusalonis (D, I), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Philip Pray (R, I), incumbent.

Tax collector: Bruce Bourgeois Jr. (D, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Bethany Kosmider (D, I), incumbent; and Charles Harrington (R, I).

Town clerk/tax collector: Linda Woods (R, I), incumbent; and Judy Mildon (D, I).

Town justice: Arthur Miclette (R, I), incumbent; and Marjorie Hurlburt (I).

Town Council (two seats): Charlie Mazurowksi (R, I), incumbent; Yvonne Dushane (I), incumbent; Sherlene Simpson Barrows (I); and Tara Peters (R, I).

Highway superintendent: Eugene Ingleston (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Noel Merrihew III (R, I), incumbent; and Margaret Bartley (D, I).

Town Council (two seats): Ben Morris (R, I); James Phillips (D, I); Michael Doyle (R, I); and Evelyn Hatch (D, I).

Highway superintendent: Michael Drew (R, I).


Supervisor: Sharon Boisen (I), incumbent; and Frank Walls (R, I).

Town clerk: Catherine DeWolff (R), incumbent.

Town justice (four years): Stephen Sayward Jr. (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Mark Wrisley (R), incumbent; and Harold MacDougal (D), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Grace Drummond (R), incumbent; David Sayre (R), incumbent; and Patricia Gardner (I).

Highway superintendent: James Morgan Jr. (R, I), incumbent; and David Murcray Jr. (D, I).


Town Council (two seats): Gerald Hall (R), incumbent; Thomas McDonald (R), incumbent; and Fred Balzac (Working Families).

Town justice (four years): Daniel Deyoe (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: William Ferebee (R, I), incumbent; and Paul Vincent (I).

Town justice (four years): Kent Wells (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Henrietta Jordan (D, I); Jerry Smith (R, I); Marcy Neville (D, I), incumbent; Donna Combs (I); and Michael Buysse (I).


Supervisor: David Blades (R, I), incumbent.

Town justice: James Pulsifer (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Charles Martin (D), incumbent; and Stephen Denton Jr. (R), incumbent.


Town justice: Arthur Liberty (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): David LaBar (R); and Stephen McNally (D), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Philip Johnson (I), incumbent; and Bruce Hammond (I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Thomas Scozzafava (R, I), incumbent.

Town clerk/tax collector: Elaine Adkins (R), incumbent.

Town justice: Brian Venne (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Paul Salerno Jr. (R, I), incumbent; and Thomas Anderson (R), incumbent.

Assessor: Brent Ida (D, I), incumbent; and Leilani Sprague (R).

Highway superintendent: Jamie Wilson (R, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: George Canon (R, I), incumbent; and Eleanor Yandon (D, I).

Town clerk: Mary Pound (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): George Fennessy (D, I), incumbent; Joseph Novak (D, I); Michael Tracy (R, I), incumbent; and Kenneth Helms Jr. (I).

Assessor: Edna VanAuken (D), incumbent; and Lowell Stringer (D), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Mark Yandon (I), incumbent; and John Helms (D, I).

Tax collector: Karen Darrah (R, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Robert Politi (I), incumbent; and Derek Doty (D, I).

Town clerk: Laurie Curtis Dudley (R, I), incumbent.

Town justice (two seats): Dean Dietrich (D), incumbent; James Rogers III (I), incumbent; and Scott Monroe (I).

Town Council (two seats): Jay Rand (R), incumbent; Bob Miller (R), incumbent; and Francis Miller (I).

Assessor (two seats): Arthur Jubin (R), incumbent; and James Bishop (R), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: David Jones Jr. (D, I); and Larry Straight (R, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Hugh Myrtle (D, I); and Ronald James Moore (R, I). Supervisor Rob Dobie is not seeking re-election.

Town clerk: Sarah Vinskus (D, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Daniel Wachowski (R); Donald Dresser (R, I), incumbent; and Laureen DeZalia (R, I).

Assessor: John Wilson (D, I); and Michael Marsden (D), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Donald Langworthy (D, I); and Kevin Duntley (R), incumbent.

Tax collector: Martha King (R, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Michael Marnell (R, I); Dennis Christian (I); and Margaret Wood (I). Incumbent Cathy Moses is not running for re-election.

Town clerk/tax collector: Patricia Savarie (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Clara Phibbs (R, I), incumbent; Donald Sage (R, C); Mark Whitney (D, I), incumbent; and Bruce Caza (I).

Assessor (two seats): Richard Newell (I), incumbent; and Richard Schoenstadt (I), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Dana Shaughnessy (R, I), incumbent; and Dale Pecor (I).


Town Council (two seats): Donald Raymond Amell (D, I); and Samuel Grimone (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (unexpired term): Charles Whitson Jr. (R).


Supervisor: Debra Malaney (R), incumbent.

Town clerk: Tonya Thompson (R), incumbent.

Town justice (four years): James O'Bryan (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): David Iuliano (R); and Wayne Taylor (R, I), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Michael Parent (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Daniel Connell (D, I), incumbent; Bruce Ware (I).

Town clerk: Sheila Alice Borden (R), incumbent.

Town justice: William LaHendro (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Michael Tyler (R, I), incumbent; Nancy Page (I); and Daniel McCormick (I).


Supervisor: Edward Hatch (D, I), incumbent; and Lane Sayward (R, I).

Town clerk: Beverly Moran (R, I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): John Thompson (D, I); Shaun Gillilland (R); Steven Benway (D, I), incumbent; and Susan Swires (R, I).

Highway superintendent: Peter Jacques (R, I), incumbent.


Supervisor: Randy Preston (I), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Darin Forbes (R, I), incumbent; and Stephen Corvelli (R, I), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Alphonso Smith (R), incumbent; and Dana Peck (R), incumbent.

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