November 4, 2012

Experienced candidates seek supervisor post


---- — HARRIETSTOWN — Two longtime officials are running for the vacant supervisor’s seat in the Town of Harrietstown.

Robert T. Bevilacqua, a Republican, is in the second year of his second term as a member of the Harrietstown Town Council. 

Thomas Catillaz, a Democrat, has served as both Village of Saranac Lake mayor and Village Board member and seeks to make the switch to town government.

Longtime supervisor Larry Miller resigned in April, leaving a one-year unexpired vacancy for the town supervisor position.

The elected term expires on Dec. 31, 2013.

The Press-Republican asked each candidate: What is the most important issue Harrietstown faces in the coming term and what will you do to address it?

Here are their answers:

Bevilacqua: “The town budget, the airport is always going to be an issue, repairs the Town Hall needs – there are issues out there.

“But without the support of the board, one person can’t do much. Teamwork is very important. You need to have a team of people working together, pulling in the same direction to support what your constituents want you to do.

“I would work with people on the town board and the people in the community to find out what’s important to them. You talk to people and listen to them, then talk to the members of the board and make sure everyone takes a piece of what you are trying to do so you can speak with one voice when you walk out of that board room.”

Catillaz: “The biggest thing we need to do is bring jobs to the area because it keeps people here and it makes the tax base work. Jobs are what keep the community going. We’ve fought to bring jobs here to the village, and I will do the same for the town, and I will work with the village to do it.

“I want to increase jobs and lower taxes.

“Also, we have an airport we need to do something with. It is a regional airport, so I would like to reach out to other communities to help because it benefits the whole area, including Essex County and Malone.

“We have an industrial park next to the airport that covers about 100 acres, with only two businesses in it. We need to make it grow, and one way we can do that is to advertise it. Right now, it’s not even on our website. So we need to reach out through social media and other avenues to market and promote it if it’s going to attract businesses.

“To make everything happen, we need cooperation with the village and town on all levels. We need to work together, and we can do it easily.”

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ROBERT T. BEVILACQUA Party: Republican and Conservative. Age: 53. Education: Saranac Lake High School graduate; SUNY Delhi, associate's degree in automotive mechanics. Occupation: Small-business owner, Carcuzzi. Previous government experience: School Board, five years; BOCES Review Board, two years; Harrietstown Town Council, five years; Board of Assessment Review, one season. Civic organizations: PeeWee hockey, coach; Daffest Derby, founder and organizer; Little League; former member, Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department. Family: wife, Brenda; two daughters, Sabrina and Lexi. THOMAS CATILLAZ Party: Democrat and Liberal. Age: 58. Education: St. Pius and Saranac Lake High Schools; North Country Community College; and SUNY Geneseo. Occupation: Electrical wholesale. Previous government experience: Served as mayor of Saranac Lake, seven years; and Saranac Lake Village Board, 10 years. Civic organizations: Lions Club and Elks Club. Family: Three children, Mallory, Thomas and Zachary.