May 9, 2013

Police Log: May 9, 2013 — Power outage


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Power was knocked out in part of the City of Plattsburgh’s north end Wednesday afternoon for about an hour.

According to Municipal Lighting Department Manager William Treacy, a 700 amp circuit breaker was tripped at the Boynton Avenue substation shortly before 4 p.m. Crews checked the system for faults, but found none and restored power 55 minutes later.

“It could have been a squirrel or a bird that tripped it, but we didn’t find any carcass on the ground,” Treacy said.

“But we’ve seen that before where the carcass is taken away by a cat or something,”

Power was out on Margaret Street from just south of Elm Street to Boynton Avenue and from the substation on Boynton Avenue to Weed Street Extension.

The outage occurred about the same time city firefighters were battling a blaze on Goff Avenue in the city’s south end.

“The fire had nothing to do with the outage,” Treacy said.

“Everything just happened at once.”

— By Staff Writers Joe LoTemplio and Felicia Krieg