July 4, 2013

Northwoods Inn evacuated due to fire


---- — LAKE PLACID — A fire in the basement of Northwoods Inn prompted an evacuation and left the Main Street hotel without power briefly Wednesday morning.

Northwoods Inn Manager Gary Smith said they turned the power off as a precaution after workers in the laundry area smelled smoke at about 9:30 a.m.

“I didn’t know exactly what it was at first and didn’t want to take any chances. We did have people evacuate and come on down (from their rooms).”

Smith said firefighters spotted flame on an elevator-system switch downstairs in the basement.

But the emergency elevator system worked as designed.

“Elevators returned to the main floor, like they are supposed to,” Smith said. “We shut the power off and waited for the firefighters to investigate.”

Guests were evacuated for a short time but allowed back into the hotel before noon.

“Everything is back in working order,” Smith said midday. “We will have one elevator back up. Otis (elevator repair) is here working on the other.”

Smith said firefighters used big fans to remove any residue smoke from the building.

Located on Main Street in Lake Placid, the hotel is completely booked through the Fourth of July weekend.

“We will have a full house,” Smith said.

Northwoods Inn is the former Marcy Hotel and provides about 90 hotel rooms situated directly downtown in the Village of Lake Placid.

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