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November 10, 2012

Champlain man sentenced for terrorist threat

Threatened to 'kill lots of children'; gets 9 months

PLATTSBURGH — A Champlain man was sentenced to nine months in the Clinton County Jail for making a terrorist threat.

Clinton County Court Judge Kevin K. Ryan handed down the sentence on Friday to Andre Levesque, 42, for incidents that occurred earlier this year.

In March and April, Levesque wrote letters to State Assemblywoman Janet Duprey and Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie that threatened to “kill children.”

Levesque was upset about an alleged assault that occurred against him while he was incarcerated at the County Jail for a previous charge and wanted Duprey and Wylie to investigate.

“After what what has happened in New York, I am seriously considering killing lots of children to teach you all a lesson about accountability. Maybe you can help me do it peacefully or maybe you are part of the problem,” one of the letters read in part.

Levesque pleaded guilty to making a terrorist threat, a felony.

In addition to being sentenced to nine months in jail, Levesque agreed to waive appeals, an order of protection in favor of Duprey and Wylie and his staff, and a surcharge of $375.

The case was prosecuted by Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne, who was brought in as a special prosecutor.

Champagne said Levesque had no weapons when he was arrested, and he had apologized for the letters, saying he didn’t mean what he said in them. But his actions still warranted jail time, the DA said.

“The defendant’s threats to ‘kill children,’ needed to be prosecuted and punished, and probation was not an appropriate option for this defendant,” Champagne said.

“This clearly crossed the line.”

Levesque has been in the county jail since his arrest in March.

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