May 8, 2013

Births: May 8, 2013.


ROLLINS  — A daughter, Nya Lee-Ann, born April 11, 2013, at Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, Vt., to Samantha Russell and George Rollins III. 


FURMAN — A son, Sykes Shearwater, born March 31, 2013, to Emmily Schmitt and Douglas Furman.

BRESETTE — A son, Arie Boswell, born April 15, 2013, to Robin and Brian Bresette.

MARKOWICZ — A son, Ashton Ledger, born April 15, 2013, to Connie and William Markowicz. 

LaVALLEY — A son, Gavin Louis, born April 16, 2013, to Patricia and Eric LaValley.

DUPREY — A daughter, Reese Emily, born April 16, 2013, to Mindy Bulriss and Kevin Duprey.

TODD — A son, Jaxon James, born April 17, 2013, to Melinda and Joshua Todd 

GERO — A son, Trent Victor Lee, born April 18, 2013, to Tiffany Provost and Steven Gero. 

PENNELL — A son, Brandon Jay, born April 18, 2013, to Alyssa Pennell.

CONWAY — A son, William Paul, born April 18, 2013, to Lynne Holbrook and William Conway.

AKIN — A son, Desmond Stephen, born April 19, 2013, to Stephanie and Aaron Akin.

SPIEGEL — A son, Jayden Alexander, born April 21, 2013, to Kayla Roushia and Dana Spiegel.

DAVENPORT — A daughter, Mattie Elizabeth, born April 22, 2013, to Chantal Haskins and Cory Davenport.

FEELEY — A son, Isaac Mitchel, born April 22, 2013, to Mariah and Wayne Feeley.

SEARS — A son, Dane Dustin, born April 22, 2013, to Raegen Guay-Sears and Dustin Sears. 

MOORE — A daughter, Gianna Irene, born April 24, 2013, to Renee and Larry Moore 2nd.

RIVERA — A son, Dominyck Mykal, born April 25, 2013, to Nicole Latour and William Rivera.

LAMOY — A daughter, Arizona Catherine, born April 30, 2013, to Natasha and Jason Lamoy.

HAAG — A daughter, Amelia Dianne, born April 30, 2013, to Carlyn and Russell Haag 3rd.

MERRY — A daughter, Chloe Renne, born April 30, 2013, to Megan LaPorte and Nathin Merry.

PRESTON — A son, Zachariah James, born April 30, 2013, to Leigh and Joshua Preston.

GALLAGHER — A daughter, Mary Ann, born April 30, 2013, to Jessica Gallagher.

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