July 28, 2012

Births: July 28, 2012


---- — Adirondack Medical Center

DUHAIME — A son, Brady Robert, born June 1, 2012, to Jessica Kulzer of Tupper Lake.

TODD — A son, Gavin Shaw, born June 5, 2012, to Jamie and Brian Todd of Saranac Lake.

LAHART — A son, Connor Taylor, born June 6, 2012, to Meghan and Tracy LaHart of Lake Placid.

BOUVIA — A son, Connor Henry, born June 7, 2012, to Julie and John Bouvia Jr. of Saranac Lake.

FOLEY — A daughter, McKenna Mae, born June 8, 2012, to Kelly Sweeney-Foley and Sean Foley of Lake Placid.

RICE — A son, Xander Grant, born June 12, 2012, to Megan and Kristopher Rice of Lake Placid.

SNYDER — A son, Kole Douglas, born June 14, 2012, to Dorie LaLonde and Eric Snyder of Tupper Lake.

DANIELS — A son, Ryvrr James, born June 19, 2012, to Francine Thomas and Dylan Bourque of Tupper Lake.

TRYBENDIS — A daughter, Kennedy Star, born June 22, 2012, to Brittany and Damon Trybendis of Mineville,

PETROCCI — A son, Luca Joseph, born June 26, 2012, to Sarah and Jeffery Petrocci of Lake Placid.

JOHNSON — A daughter, Delilah May, born June 26, 2012, to Kathy Shay of Chatham and Shane Johnson of Germantown.

VARNER — A son, Andrew Bradley, born June 27, 2012, to Brooke and Bradley Varner of Saranac Lake.

PREECE — A son, William Campbell, born June 27, 2012 to Jamie Campbell and William Preece of Lake Placid.

CVPH Medical Center

RABIDEAU — A son, Brody Giles, born June 21, 2012, to Krista and Derek Rabideau.

HOFFMAN — A son, Cyrus Miles, born July 9, 2012, to Shannon and Michael Hoffman.

VALACHOVIC — A daughter, Jillian Rose, born July 10, 2012, to Jaime and Philip Valachovic.

DUBREY — A daughter, Nova Milla, born July 13, 2012, to Mika Moschelle and Heith Dubrey.

REINMAN — A daughter, Aria Rene, born July 15, 2012, to Brittany Reinman.

RANCOUR — A son, Foster Thomas, born July 15, 2012, to Heather and Robert Rancour Jr.

CHRISTMAN — A son, Sequoia Gabriel, born July 16, 2012, to Jessica O’Brien and Leon Christman.

CUMBER — A son, Cory Mathew Cumber, born July 16, 2012, to Marissa LaTulip and Larry Cumber.

MAGOON — A daughter, Skylar Rae, born July 16, 2012, to Jamie Rock and Matthew Magoon.

CALLOGHAN — A daughter, Sophia Ireland, born July 16, 2012, to Monique and Lawrence Calloghan.

GONYEA — A son, Sage James Scott, born July 17, 2012, to Heather Bird and Brian Gonyea.