August 25, 2012

Births: Aug. 25, 2012



DUSO — A daughter, Makayla Valarie, born July 19, 2012, to Britney Buskey and Jason Duso.

BRAWN — A daughter, Hailey Nicole, born July 23, 2012, to Heather and Adam Brawn.

PIRVAN — A daughter, Makinlee Gwen, born July 26, 2012, to Emily and John Pirvan.

GUERIN — A daughter, Desirae Olivia, born July 29, 2012, to Tracy and Scott Guerin.

BELCHER — A son, Jayce Ean Bryce, born July 29, 2012, to Shannon Martino and James Belcher Jr.

TRAYNOR — A daughter, Delilah Olivia, born July 31, 2012, to Kristin West and Dillon Traynor.

DUMAS — A son, Mason Joseph, born July 31, 2012, to Amy D’Aust and Nick Dumas.

ROCHA — A daughter, Grace Maidalee, born Aug. 1, 2012, to Kristy and Peter Rocha.

MADDON — A son, Benjamin Richard, born Aug. 1, 2012, to Shannon and Patrick Maddon.

CARLIN — A daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth, born Aug. 1, 2012, to Mary and Benjamin Carlin.

FRASIER — A daughter, Abigail Lynn, born Aug. 2, 2012, to Samantha and Jerald Frasier.

VIGO — A son, Jeremiah Brayden, born Aug. 3, 2012, to Joni Reynolds and James Vigo.

JUDD — A daughter, Sulley Lucille, born Aug. 3, 2012, to Haley and Nathan Judd.

BEANEY — A daughter, Ella Rose, born Aug. 4, 2012, to Amber Lonsbury and Robert Beaney II.



LEDUC — A son, Garrick Osee, born July 4, 2012, to Pamela and Jacque Leduc of Bombay.

LAPOINTE — A daughter, Ella Lynne, born July 5, 2012, to Lindsay and Keith LaPointe of Saranac Lake.

GARDNER — A son, Greyson Edward, born July 12, 2012, to Kristy and Andre Gardner of Winthrop.

DELAHANT — A daughter, Madelyn Lillian, born July 15, 2012, to Diane and Nicholas Delahant of Saranac Lake.

DASHNAW — A son, Alec Robert, born July 17, 2012, to Annette Fox of Tupper Lake and Brandon Dashnaw of Peru.

ALLEN — A daughter, Emma-May Marie, born July 19, 2012, to Julia-Anne LaMora and Brandon Allen of Lake Placid.

FARRINGTON — A son, Henry Jackson, born July 20, 2012, to Keeley Sullivan of Saranac Lake.

LANE — A daughter, Vivian Hope, born July 24, 2012, to Linda Hilerio and Brandon Lane of Saranac Lake.

MORRELLI  — A son, Dane Matthew, born July 25, 2012, to Haley and Matthew Morrelli of Havre, Mont.

DRAKE — A daughter, Abigail Jordan, born July 26, 2012, to Kristen and Daniel Drake of Vermontville.