April 21, 2012

Births: April 21, 2012


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CVPH Medical Center

BAUGHN — A daughter, Olivia Ann, born March 21, 2012, to Michelle and Dana Baughn.

DAVIS — A son, Sawyer James, born March 25, 2012, to Angela Martin and Jimmy-Lee Davis.

FRANCIS — A daughter, Kaelynn Emma, born March 26, 2012, to Lindsay and Matthew Francis.

TALBOTT — A son, Joseph-Asher Mcdaniel, born March 26, 2012, to Andrew Gbotoe and David Talbott.

DOUGLAS — A daughter, Iliza Jean, born March 26, 2012, to Amanda Miller and Roger Douglas Jr.

PARKER-WINGLER — A son, Keith Cornelius, born March 27, 2012, to Kristina Parker-Wingler and Joshua Wingler.

MARSH — A son, Braylon Christopher, born March 27, 2012, to Ashley Tourville and Jason Marsh.

GAY — A son, Bryce Jeremiah, born March 28, 2012, to Debra Gay.

MCCARTY — A son, Christopher Jayden, born March 29, 2012, to Mary Jennette and Jeremiah McCarty.

MISCHLER — A son, Samuel Timothy Allan, born March 30, 2012, to Michelle and Gregory Mischler.

PARROTT — A daughter, Jacklynn Verna-Lorraine, born March 30, 2012, to Brittany and Rodney Parrott Jr.

BUSH — A daughter, Kamdyn Ellen, born March 30, 2012, to Lora and Wade Bush.

GOODMAN — A daughter, Farrah LiliAnn, born March 30, 2012, to Meghan Massaro and Tyler Goodman.

HYDE — A son, Jacob Alexander, born March 31, 2012, to Kristen and Nathaniel Hyde.

MASTEN — A daughter, Hailey Rae, born April 1, 2012, to Jennifer Gallagher and Sean Masten.

DROLLETTE — A son, Liam Henry, born April 1, 2012, to Michelle and Emmett Drollette.

Adirondack Medical Center

RAYMOND — A daughter, Kathryn Ann, born March 6, 2012, to Adrienne Relyea and Matt Raymond of Saranac Lake.

SEARS — A son, Vann Dexter, born March 7, 2012, to Ashley and Dawson Sears of Lake Placid.

TEBEAU — A son, Isaak Jon, born March 7, 2012, to Kayla and Chad Tebeau of St. Regis Falls.

GADWAW — A son, Brayden William, born March 8, 2012, to Reilly Stanton and Casey Gadwaw of Lake Placid.

ERENSTONE — A son, Tyler Hawthorne, born March 8, 2012, to Deborah and Jeffrey Erenstone of Lake Placid.

FULLER — A daughter, Isabella Faith, born March 9, 2012, to Jennifer and Dustin Fuller of Bloomingdale.

AMELL — A son, Easton Thomas, born March 9, 2012, to Lindsay Lauzon and Troy Amell of Tupper Lake.

BARTON — A son, Scott Andrew Jr., born March 11, 2012, to Kellie Sutton and Scott Barton Sr. of Tupper Lake.

DUFFY — A daughter, Lucinda Grace, born March 13, 2012, to Jennifer and Kelly Duffy of Saranac Lake.

CONWAY — A son, Bowie Thomas, born March 14, 2012, to Catherine and Anthony Conway of Saranac Lake.

AVER — A daughter, Keeley Rose Phyllis, born March 14, 2012, to Jessica Buckingham of Lisbon.

BREARTON — A daughter, Tatum Elizabeth, born March 14, 2012, to Dava Clement and Timothy Brearton of Lake Placid.

STEPHENSON — A son, Kade Robert, born March 15, 2012, to Katie and Robert Stephenson of Bloomingdale.

GOFF — A son, Samuel Louis, born March 15, 2012, to Susan and Timothy Goff of Vermontville.

BARNEY — A son, Caleb Michael, born March 17, 2012, to Rachael LaDue and William Barney of Saranac Lake.

DESMARAIS — A daughter, Josie Catherine, born March 22, 2012, to Loni-Ann Guerette and Heath Desmarais of Tupper Lake.

MULDOWNEY — A daughter, Ella Asmara, born March 23, 2012, to Temnit and Johnny J. Muldowney Jr. of Saranac Lake.

WILSON — A daughter, Chloe Elizabeth, born March 27, 2012, to Megan Wilson of Piercefield.

BUNNELL — A daughter, Elliana Rose, born March 27, 2012, to Sarah Eggleston and Jacob Bunnell of Lake Placid.

DORA-LAPAGE — A daughter, Khloey Kathryn, born March 28, 2012, to Samantha Dora and Codey LaPage of Saranac Lake.

Out of Town

PAEPKE — A son, Jack Bryan, born March 30, 2012, at St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua, N.H., to Bryan and Rachel Paepke of Merrimack, N.H., formerly of Plattsburgh. Maternal grandparents are Charlie and Sandy Kowalowski of Plattsburgh. Paternal grandparents are Chuck and Jan Paepke of Plattsburgh. Maternal great-grandmother is Helen Tolosky of Lyon Mountain and paternal great-grandmother is Doris McLeod of Plattsburgh.

POTTS — A son, Bryson Aaron, born April 4, 2012, at UMASS Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, Mass., to Drs. Tera and James Potts of West Boylston, Mass. Grandparents are Julie and Michael Filion of Churubusco and Toni and James Potts of Sand Springs, Okla. Maternal great-grandparents are Beverly and Alton Barcomb of Altona and Beverly and Marcel Filion of Churubusco.