February 22, 2013

Births: Feb. 22, 2013



RABIDEAU —  A daughter, Americus Lovee-Larsen, born Jan. 28, 2013, to Heather Rabideau-LaPierre and Matthew LaPierre.

DOWNIE — A daughter, Alyse Marie, born Jan. 29, 2013, to Lindsey and Chad Downie.

DeCOSTE — A son, Camden Lee, born Jan. 29, 2013, to Marcie and Lindsay DeCoste.

TOURVILLE — A daughter, Kendall Elaine, born Jan. 30, 2013, to Kara and Jeremy Tourville.

MONETTE — A son, Bentley Joseph, born Jan. 30, 2013, to Stephanie and Kent Monette.

CUMBER — A son, Damien Michael, born Jan. 30, 2013, to Amanda Cumber.

BAKER — A son, Steven Joseph, born Jan. 31, 2013, to Christy and Michael Baker Jr.

RICE — A son, Karter Logan, born Jan. 30, 2013, to Amanda Nieto and Wayne Rice.

GARRANT — A daughter, Nora Elizabeth, born Jan. 31, 2013, to Amanda and Kyle Garrant.

FRENYEA — A daughter, Ebony Amaris, born Jan. 31, 2013, to Jessica and Michael Frenyea.

AGONEY — A daughter, Harper Wynn, born Feb. 4, 2013, to Jessica Bedard and Mark Agoney.

ZIEL — A daughter, Pearl May, born Feb. 3, 2013, to Kristin Forttrell and Eron Ziel.

STANILKA — A son, Brayden Michael, born Feb. 5, 2013, to Jessie Stanilka.

GAUDETTE — A son, Bentley Alan, born Feb. 5, 2013, to Sadi Gillett and Albert Gaudette Jr.

OLSEN — A daughter, Madison Leigh, born Dec. 13, 2012, to Brandon and Michelle Olsen.

SHAW — A daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born Jan. 18, 2013, to Heather and 



LaCOMB — A daughter, Aureya Gail, born Jan. 1, 2013, to Samantha Kalilec and Jeffrey LaComb

BURMAN — A daughter, Isabelle Margaret, born Jan. 4, 2013, to Darcey and Victor Burman.

PRESTON — A daughter, Ava Marie, born Jan. 4, 2013, to Jessica and Tyler Preston.

LANDRY — A son, Oliver James, born Jan. 5, 2013, to Jasmine Landry and Christopher Larriaga.

JOHNSON — A son, Noah Randall, born Jan. 6, 2013, to Jessica Rolley and David Johnson.

BARBEITO — A son, Cooper Terence, born Jan. 15, 2013, to Emma Hanrahan and Dillon Barbieto.

McLEAR — A daughter, Ariana Yvonne, born Jan. 16, 2013, to Kam Foley.

BEARDEN — A daughter, Autumn Noel Rose, born Jan. 17, 2013, to Emeraldann Bearden.

JACQUES — A son, Landon Daniel, born Jan. 24, 2013, to Amanda Vassar and Daniel Jacques.

Out-of-Town Birth

KEENUM — A son, Jackson D., born Jan. 30, 2013, at Concord Hospital to Shannon and Justin Keenam of Campton, N.H. Grandparents are Jody and Crystal Barber of Chazy, Jessie Keenum of New Hampshire and Maryanne and James Tower of Rhode Island.