September 23, 2012

Local chiropractors celebrate milestones


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Drs. Joseph and Carolyn Clauss of Adirondack Family Chiropractic in the City of Plattsburgh reached two milestones this month.

The couple are celebrating their 25th year in business as well as their 25th anniversary. They opened their office at 148 Margaret Street on Sept. 23, 1987, just 11 days after they were married.

Carolyn, from Plattsburgh, met Joseph, from Plymouth, Mass., when they were at New York Chiropractic College on Long Island.

“We met the first day and became best friends,” Joseph said.

After graduation, each tried to sell the other on living in their hometown. Joseph said Carolyn eventually won out.

They graduated from Northwestern Chiropractic College in April 1987 and moved to Plattsburgh $175,000 in debt and with all their belongings in a pick-up truck.

The couple credit Chuck Racette, Andy Abdallah and George Rosenvolt with helping find the property and design the office. They said Fred Bergman of Keeseville National Bank was also instrumental in helping to launch the business.

“This is where we had our honeymoon,” Carolyn said, with Joseph adding that it was while they were working on the interior of the building.

A lack of parking at the downtown location led them to move to new offices at the intersection of Military Turnpike and Route 374 in the Town of Plattsburgh in 1991. The office was in the midst of an apple orchard.

“It was a beautiful office,” Joseph said. 

The practice grew over the years, with the couple giving lectures on the state and national levels. This fall they will be putting on a seminar in London and will later be in Instanbul to do a presentation on Health Awareness Through Holistic Approach.

Additional recognition came when Joseph was honored with the Chiropractor of the Year Beacon Award by the New York Chiropractic Council in 2010.

While they enjoyed the Military Turnpike office, Carolyn eventually had a revelation.

“It hit me like a bolt — go back to downtown,” she said.

It was a chance to streamline the practice like it was at the beginning, with just the two of them in practice. It was also a chance to use the building they still owned in downtown Plattsburgh. 

They did their one millionth adjustment in their 18th year. Adirondack Family Chiropractic opened a satellite office in Lake Placid in 2007.

The Clauss’s see patients seven days a week and tailor adjustments for all ages.

“We like to say we see patients from the womb to the tomb,” Carolyn said.

The Clausses wanted to note that the health-care system does a great job of treating emergencies, but patients need to be more engaged in their health. Chiropractic adjustments can be part of that by helping to keep the body in balance, Carolyn said.  

Joseph said they are now embarking on a new program that focuses on chiropractic wellness and lifestyle. It will feature a course of chiropractic adjustment but also focus on exercise and diet to help prevent chronic conditions.

“A pill’s not an answer,” Joseph said. “It’s time for patient’s to take stock in their own health.”

They will promote exercises such as yoga, weight training and cross training. The idea is to focus on prevention to avoid having to respond after a condition arises. 

“I like to say be well, be healthy, be balanced and get adjusted,” Carolyn said.

The couple have three children, all born at home. Joseph Jr., 23, is in his second year of chiropractic college and plans to return to the area.

Rocco, 20, received a degree in finance from Fordham University in May. 

Patrick, 13, is very athletic and plans to start college when he is 15. He was the first baby born in the tri-county area in 1999.

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