May 20, 2013

Job Fair well attended

Plattsburgh firms attend to recruit qualified applicants


PLATTSBURGH — While some local companies are hiring, the job market can still be tough in some fields.

More than 400 people attended the recent Job Fair at the West Side Ballroom. North Country Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Becky Manor said that is about the same as the last two springtime Job Fairs.

Mold-Rite Plastics Human Resources Manager Donna Matkoski’s company is currently hiring. 

“We have 20 to 25 openings at this time, a lot of mechanics,” she said.

Though the Job Fair had been open for only about 90 minutes, Mold-Rite had received more than 30 applications already.

Matkoski said the company conducts interviews weekly, so it is good to have a good supply of applications. The Plattsburgh firm employs about 430.

Mold-Rite has been in Plattsburgh since 1976, she said, and has never had any layoffs. The company was sold in 2010, and has hired more than 100 employees since then.

They acquired two other companies last year, one in Ohio and one in New Jersey.

“So, we’re growing,” she said.


Gene Rapp of Jay said he is working part-time after more than 20 years in the information-technology field. He would like to continue in his specialty but said it is important to stay flexible while looking for a job.

“There’s not a lot available in that field,” he said.

Heather Shanty, with Camoplast’s Human Resources Department, said that company is looking for about 10 employees, mainly production workers and possibly some mechanics. 

She said the booth at the Job Fair was working out well.

“I had 50 applications, and I’m all out.”

The successful applicant needs to have a high-school diploma or GED. While manufacturing experience would be a plus, Shanty said, it is not necessary.

Camoplast, which makes track systems for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, has been in Plattsburgh since the mid 1990s and has about 150 employees here. Shanty said there market seems to be stable at the moment, and she doesn’t remember layoffs at the plant.

Last year was her first experience at the Job Fair, and, she said, the company did bring on a number of new hires from applications it received.


Stacey Senecal of Plattsburgh said while she has held a job for five years, she is looking to find something related to her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and human services. 

She has applied to ARC, Pine Harbour Assisted Living and CVPH Medical Center, as well as the ETS staffing service.

“Everybody was very encouraging and supportive,” Senecal said.

WIRY Hometown Radio sales executive Jody Maloy said while the station is one of the sponsors of the Job Fair, it is also looking for a replacement for News Director Ducky Drake, who is retiring effective June 28. 

It will be difficult for anyone to fill his shoes, she said, as Drake has been with the Plattsburgh station for more than 30 years.

He has a wide range of skills, she said, from writing news stories, conducting interviews and remaining aware of developments in the local political and economic scenes. And part of the job involves listening to the national and regional news feeds and keeping track of the weather maps, while still performing on-air duties. 

WIRY has had several interested applicants who have the proper communications degree, Maloy said.

The successful applicant will be given the chance to develop their own on-air personality, she said.

“We have some who would be certainly able to give it a try,” Maloy said. 

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