August 18, 2013

Day began looking up after canceled paddling trip


We stopped for a little blueberry picking then continued up the gravel trail, past a wall which we will definitely return to for some technical climbing, and up to the summit.

Each one of the hikers found their own spot to enjoy the scenery. The mist kept getting heavier and the view closed in with fog. Still no thunder but rain began to fall and we headed down.

This outing gave us a chance to talk about not being defeated by a poor weather forecast.

The steep grade gave everyone a taste of using his or her legs in earnest.

The wet rocks quickly taught the youngsters to use their hands and stay low to avoid slipping.

The lichen taught us all to look more closely at the little things and the blueberries reminded us that hiking is not all work and no play.

Dry clothes in the car reinforced that being wet and a little muddy isn’t fatal.

The day ended with everyone wanting more views of wildlife and mountaintops. Get out and climb with those youngsters while you can stay with them.

Elizabeth Lee is a licensed guide who lives in Westport. She leads recreational and educational programs focused in the Champlain Valley throughout the year. Contact her at

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