May 22, 2013

Town stops selling DEC sporting licenses

PLATTSBURGH — The Town of Plattsburgh is no longer selling State Department of Conservation sporting licenses.

The Town Council unanimously passed a resolution making that decision recently.

The state, Town Clerk Rick Collins said, changed to a new vendor that won’t provide — at no charge — the computer and printer used by the town to make license transactions for customers.

The previous vendor, Verizon Communications, had made all that, along with Internet service, available to Plattsburgh and other communities that sold licenses.

The new provider, he said, will provide only the software.

“We would need our own Internet provider on a dedicated line,” Collins said.

And the commission the town makes on license sales isn’t enough to offset that and other costs, including the computer it would have to buy.

The Clerk’s Office collected a total of $10,751 for license sales in 2012 but was paid a commission of only $540 for the service.

Collins said that by law the town can’t pass along to the customer the 3.5 percent cost incurred when a credit card is used, and the state won’t absorb that either. So the town made even less on licenses purchased that way.

Continuing with sporting-license sales just isn’t feasible economically, the clerk said. 

And the Town Council felt those needing hunting and fishing licenses would not be much inconvenienced, as many retailers sell them, along with the sporting-goods equipment and gear they may need to shop for anyway.

For more information, reach Collins at 562-6830.

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