May 12, 2013

Fly fishing weekend excellent chance for women

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the outdoors.

My mother taught me almost everything I know about gardening and we spent many hours sharing our love of trees and plants, but shared very little in the way of outdoor sports.

Over time I turned to other mentors for outdoor skills and knowledge. Whether family, friends or strangers, the community of people who love the outdoors are wholeheartedly generous and willing to share their experience — and their gear.

For women who seek adventure, there is a great opportunity coming up.

In June, the Lake Champlain Chapter of Trout Unlimited is hosting a weekend program for women who want to learn more about fly fishing. Some of the most well-known women fly-fishing instructors in New York state are coming to Plattsburgh to join local volunteers — both men and women — who have been planning the weekend. Scheduled for June 22 and 23, instructors Lindsay Agness from Rochester and Vicki Lane from Syracuse will join local leaders Janice Opal and Paula Piatt to offer both classroom instruction and field experience.

Streams and rivers have a magic that make you want to be near them, but it isn’t always easy, literally or figuratively, to get right in. Fly fishing has been the way in for many women. Fly fishing creates relationships — with water, with rods and reels and sometimes boats, and of course with fish. But also, fly fishing creates relationships with people. There are plenty of enthusiastic writers and outspoken storytellers, but there are also amazing mentors.

Fly fishing has been sensationalized in some ways that turn women off but the upcoming weekend is a chance for women to learn without pressure. Whether or not you become an expert at catching fish, it’s impossible not to feel more connected to nature.

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