April 20, 2014

Good trout fishing, turkeys mean it's finally spring

It’s been a month now since the vernal equinox, but it’s finally beginning to feel like spring out there.

Earlier this month I took a drive through the Adirondacks, and at that time winter still had a firm grip on the region.

Lakes were frozen and even trying to access a stream bank to take a shot at trout fishing was next to impossible. 

This is all changing for the better every day. Ponds in the southern Adirondacks opened up a week ago, as has much of Lake Champlain. Lake George’s ice was shrinking but I haven’t heard how Schroon Lake was doing. Just a week ago today they were still ice fishing on Fourth Lake in Inlet.

Still, those Adirondack trout ponds should be opening up anytime, and when they do they’ll likely be the better fishing option — at least for the time being. The heavy rains we got this week and the snowmelt should combine for some high, cold water and perhaps may not offer the best conditions. Some trout stocking is occurring in waters where temperatures are favorable and trout fishing has been a long time coming.

For multi-tasking sportsmen, the final arrival of good trout fishing conditions will likely coincide with the spring turkey hunting season.

For the past decade now, New York has offered a youth turkey hunt in late April, which takes place next weekend (April 25 and 26). The success of the youth turkey hunt has no doubt led to further youth hunting opportunities such as the waterfowl, pheasant and deer youth hunting weekend.

Recruitment is big in the hunting world and there’s no doubt in this writer’s mind that such programs across the nation have contributed greatly to the slight increase in hunting participation in the past five years.

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