September 16, 2012

National Hunting, Fishing Day approaching

National Hunting and Fishing Day is Sept. 22, and this year marks the 75th anniversary of America’s Sportfish & Wildlife Restoration Program.

The program was jump-started in 1937 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (also known as the Pittman-Robertson Act), which raises funds through a dedicated excise tax on sporting guns and ammunition.

In 1950, the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (also known as the Dingell-Johnson Act) was enacted. This law provides funds for fish conservation and boating and fishing recreational programs in each state through an excise tax on fishing and boating equipment and fuels.

Both sources of federal funding, coupled with license dollars, continue to pay for most of the fish and wildlife conservation work done by state fish and wildlife agencies throughout the country.

Congress established National Hunting and Fishing Day to recognize hunters and anglers for their leadership in fish and wildlife conservation.

Since launching in 1972, National Hunting and Fishing Day has been formally proclaimed annually by every U.S. president.

For more information about National Hunting and Fishing Day, visit For detailed information about the federal Sportfish and Wildlife Restoration program, go to

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