September 29, 2013

DEC announces deer bonus permit changes

DEC announces deer bonus permit changes

ALBANY — As a new management tool for deer population control, the State Department of Environmental Conservation will issue Bonus Deer Management Permits for antlerless-only this fall, a change from either-sex bonus permits of the past, beginning Oct. 1.

In an effort to support deer population reduction, bonus permits will be issued in Wildlife Management Units 1C (Suffolk County), 3S (Westchester County), 4J (eastern Albany County) and 8C (central Monroe County).

Bonus permits are issued to increase hunter participation and antlerless deer harvest in areas with abundant deer. These permits are available to hunters who take an antlerless deer on a regular permit or a bonus permit in one of the four units statewide. No fee is charged for a bonus permit. In addition, to streamline the issuance process for the hunter and make it more efficient, bonus permit applicants will no longer be required to present a deer head or carcass when applying for a bonus permit.

“As deer numbers have grown in specific areas in the state, we need another tool to help reduce the population and changing our Bonus Permit program to concentrate on antlerless deer only is the next logical step,” said DEC Assistant Commissioner for Natural Resources, Kathleen Moser.

“If the change is successful in accomplishing its objective in these areas of the state, antlerless-only Bonus DMPs could expand in the future to additional units. Offering increasing numbers of traditional DMPs (doe permits) each year has not been effective in reducing deer numbers in many of our units, and an expansion of the Bonus Permit system in the future could be a partial solution, as it focuses on successful hunters.”

To obtain a Bonus DMP, successful hunters must follow a number of application requirements. Permits may be obtained via mail, electronically or in person. For more information go to the DEC website

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