March 23, 2014

Last chance coyote: Cadyville man shares expertise

One of the last hunting seasons to close in New York is the coyote season, which ends one week from today on March 30.

There’s no shortage of coyotes in the North Country and nobody knows that better than Cadyville resident Greg Caron, who runs Predator Specialties, a business built around coyote hunting. Caron can provide removal of unwanted predators and in the future will be offering guided hunts and even lodging. 

He invited a buddy and I to join him recently for a morning coyote hunt in the farm country of northern Essex County. I’ve hunted coyotes before and usually go right after dark, especially on moonlit nights.

Caron, however, prefers the mornings.

“I’ve found morning hunting is the best time as far as getting them moving and active,” he said. “It must be their feeding pattern. I know they’ve been out all night and it’s towards the end of their hunting run.”

Caron has all the equipment needed for predator hunting. He and his buddy Jim LaValley of Plattsburgh often hunt together.

For our hunt I used LaValley’s Savage Model 11 chambered in the 22-250 REM cartridge. Like me, he happens to be left handed and it was the very first time I’ve ever used a bolt-action lefty. This flat-shooting rig is good out to 600 yards, yet both Caron and LaValley said most of their shots are taken within 100 yards.

Caron uses both mouth and electronic calls but goes with the latter most of the time. He also uses a decoy, which is nothing more than a moving, furry looking object designed to attract the animal’s attention. When setting up, both the electronic remote call and the decoy are placed 30 to 40 yards from the shooter.

As for clothing, Caron wore white as we were hunting in the snow but suggested prior to our hunt that camouflage would be fine. I brought along the blind portion of my Vest-A-Blind, which is a special turkey-hunting vest and blind combo made by Quaker Boy. The leafy-pattern blind is detachable from the vest and I either wore it as a top layer, or draped it over a fence in front of us. Quality optics such as binoculars and range finders are also a must.

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