August 25, 2013

Parents share advice for school supply lists


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Press-Republican Facebook readers seem fairly understanding of having to purchase school supplies for their children.

But some did have suggestions for how schools could make it easier on family wallets.

We asked our Facebook readers what they thought of families buying school supplies. Here are some of the responses:

Judy Laramie: “Why not? I did for my kids when they were in school. What does concern me however is the long lists of items needed.”

Vince O’Driscoll: “Teacher’s supply budgets have been hacked to almost nothing. If parents didn’t buy supplies, there would be none.”

Courtney Mae Menard: “I think it’s ridiculous when they specify brand! Some people can’t afford all name brand stuff!”

Nikki Edwards: “I’ve been spoiled the last 6 years because my daughter’s school supplied everything they needed. Now she’s in the middle school and it’s an expense I have to budget for. Thank goodness for low prices at Walmart and Target.”

Hannah Bushey: “I never realized it was an issue. I know many teachers, and most of them spend quite a bit of money out of their own pockets to cover classroom supplies that their budgets do not cover as it is. So if I have to supply some crayons and glue sticks, I won’t complain.”

Marcey McDonald: “Having 5 boys (in school) it would have been nice even if pencils were donated... the lists are not that much in the smaller grades... it’s when they hit the bigger grades and need tons of them!”

Lise Davidson: “I don’t mind to a point. But, sometimes when teachers get too specific, you can’t get a good price as it can only be found in one place. Sometimes the list is quite long and the items never get used. That is wasting my money. I also remember a year when the teacher asked for red pens to correct with. That I felt was crossing the line.”

Marybeth Roberts Schraders: “I don’t mind but this year my 6th grade daughter need specific 5-subject notebooks with pockets inside and they were $9 a piece. Then she needed a 2” and a 1” binder, two boxes of Kleenex and all the other gets quite pricey. One year, her teacher asked all the kids to bring in $10 to cover the supplies and she purchased them so every kid had the same exact thing; no one had anything nicer or more expensive. I loved that year!”

Rebecca Lawrence: “School shopping is great. It should be up to the parents to supply their children with the crayons and glue sticks and such. Down in TX (Texas) we have to not only buy all the supplies, but we also need to buy the uniforms the kids wear also, with a specific brand of shoes, specific brand of socks, and you can not send them with anymore or less than the school list specifies. So school shoppin up here? Piece of cake compared to TX.”

Kate Munson-Duprey: “Very thankful at Cumberland Head the PTO buys all school supplies. The kids get no list and need to buy nothing in terms of supplies, just a back pack.”

Angela Garrand-LaBarre: “I do not mind buying my boys their school supplies. The only thing that frustrates me is that I always buy what ‘the list’ specifies. However I often find that my 6th grade son will not use six 2” binders. I wish the teachers from each grade would get together and come up with one list instead of each teacher having their own list. Does he really need a 2” binder for 6th grade Health??? and a separate 2” binder for English??”

Shane Murray: “I don’t mind buying school supplies. A list is sent out before school starts and we get everything on the list... what does bother me is after spending a couple hundred dollars, more things are needed within the first couple weeks... put them on the original list and I won’t complain. Having to shell out over and over again doesn’t make me happy.”

James Lamb: “I think some things should be on parents like notebooks and pens. You would also be really surprised how much teachers spend of their own money for bulletin boards and projects to help teach concepts that need to be visualized.”

Mary Palmer: “Do expensive binders make the kids any smarter?”

Mandi Reome McKee: “I don’t mind getting all my sons supplies but at Peru they seem to think you can get your child’s stuff plus supplies for the classroom...I think the teachers should be responsible for the classroom items...We have to provide for our own kids; why can’t they provide the tissues, markers for dry erase board, chalk, etc., etc. But that’s just my opinion!!”

Wayne Seeley: “It should be the parents’ responsibility to pay for their school supplies. Not the rest of us that have no children should have to pay for any of that. You have a kid, you pay. Simple.”

Ashley Ricci: “I have two girls in school. Why is it such a problem for parents to buy tissues or other supplies for the classroom? It’s ok to buy a pack of smokes that are close to $10 a pack; then use that money on stuff that ur child may need. Yes some schools need better list of school supplies that are going to use and not wasted.”

Cassy Fletcher: “I don’t have a problem buying school supplies. What I have a problem with is there being ‘$10.00 for class project.’ I just bought supplies and now you’re telling me I need to send in money as well for something unspecified. No thank you! If you can dole out a list of things needed then you can put what’s needed on the list for this ‘project.’”



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