January 27, 2013

Local high school students meet with state legislators


Trombley found having the legislators take questions and explain why they voted certain ways in the past helped him better understand all sides of the issues discussed, he said.

“I know she (Duprey) opposed the gun law and I wasn’t exactly sure why and after she explained it, I see why she opposed it.”

Stec answered students’, saying he would likely support having women in combat zones and the drilling for natural gas in New York using hydraulic technology, although he is waiting to learn more about the issues.

Betty Little discussed the challenges of growing the North Country economy with the stringent restrictions imposed by environmental agencies in an effort to protect the Adirondacks as well as expanding cell phone coverage to protect the safety of travelers.

Inge Sapp relayed her experiences as a Hitler Youth growing up in Germany with no voting rights.

“I was brainwashed,” she said. But she urged the students to stay informed. “You live in a country where you can speak and talk and question.”

And it’s clear that even at a young age, the student delegates were already asking tough questions.

“I think it’s great that they (the legislators) come out and can recognize that we’re the future of government,” said Kelly Cantwell, a delegate from Plattsburgh High School.

“It’s important that we know what’s going on.”

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