May 21, 2013

School budgets, candidates up for vote today

Voters go to the polls today to weigh in on school budgets and board candidates.

Here are names and numbers from schools around the region:


Proposed 2013-14 budget amount: $29,677,914, up 4.85 percent.

Tax-levy: $12,523,222, up 3.8 percent.

State tax-levy limit: 4.44 percent.

Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: $16.64, up 3.8 percent.

School Board candidates: Term A: Scott R. Bombard; Term B: Susan J. Richards and Charles A. Potthast Jr.; Term C: David B. Whitford.

Vote: Noon to 9 p.m., Middle/High School cafeteria.


Proposed 2013-14 budget amount: $37,642,566, up 1.89 percent.

Tax-levy: $18,893,157, up 3.5 percent.

State tax-levy limit: 4.22 percent.

Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: $17.36, up 2.8 percent.

School Board candidates (two five-year terms and one two-year unexpired term): Andrew Brockway, Michael Hagadorn, Richard LaVigne, Ed Marin and Kenneth Maurer Sr.

Proposition: To reduce School Board terms from five to three years.

Vote: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Middle School gymnasium.


Proposed 2013-14 budget amount: $16,906,875, up 1.14 percent. 

Tax levy: $2,816,370, up 4.97 percent.

State tax-levy limit: 7.82 percent.

Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: $17.23, up 6.4 percent.

School Board candidates (two three-year seats): Vitaline LaPage, Joey St. Mary, George Martin.  

Proposition: To purchase two school buses at a cost not to exceed $205,580.

Vote: 1 to 9 p.m., school auditorium.


Proposed 2013-14 budget: $11,718,039, up 1.81 percent.

Tax levy: $2,800,543, up 4.69 percent. 

State tax-levy limit: 5 percent.

Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: Not calculated yet.

School Board candidates (three three-year seats): Susan Jones-King; John McCormick; Tony Martin; Kip Young.

Proposition: To purchase a school bus at a cost not to exceed $89,076.

Vote: 1 to 8 p.m., school auditorium.


Proposed 2013-14 budget amount: $9,887,215, up 2.3 percent.

Tax levy: $4,140,605, down 1.99 percent.

State tax-levy limit: 4.99 percent.

Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: $19.14, up 2.56 percent.

School Board candidates: Term A: Melissa Dudyak and Tim Howley; Term B: Joey Trombley. 

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