October 21, 2012

SUNY Plattsburgh to host 'Humans vs. Zombies'

PLATTSBURGH — SUNY Plattsburgh students who don’t have an emergency survival plan may want to devise one quickly — the zombies attack this week.  

From Monday through Thursday, the college’s campus will turn into a feeding ground for the walking dead, as SUNY Plattsburgh’s Zombie Defense League will host the school’s first Humans vs. Zombies competition.

The moderated tag game, which originated at Goucher College in Baltimore in 2005, has been played at campuses and military bases and in neighborhoods all over the world.

“I think it’s really a celebration of the energy young people bring,” said Becky Kasper, director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and faculty adviser to the Zombie Defense League at SUNY Plattsburgh.


For the most part, the college will follow the game rules suggested by Gnarwhal Studios, a company that provides free support to those who host and participate in the competitions. 

When the challenge kicks off on Monday, all participants will be humans, with the exception of one, who will be designated as the “original zombie.”

The original zombie will attempt to create additional zombies by “feeding on,” or tagging, human competitors. Once a

human has become a zombie, he or she must tag and transform another human within 48 hours, or he or she will “starve” and be out of the competition. 

The zombies will be declared the winners if they are able to transform all participants into walking dead. The humans will win if they can avoid being tagged long enough for every zombie to starve. 


All participants will be given a red bandanna to wear around their arm or leg and an identification number, which they must write on an index card and carry with them during the game. When humans are tagged by a zombie, they must move the bandannas to around their heads and relinquish their index cards to their attacker. 

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