September 27, 2012

Three NAC students OK after hospital trip


---- — ELLENBURG CORNERS — Three Northern Adirondack Central students taken from the school to the hospital earlier this week are OK. 

Several times on Tuesday, Clinton County Fire Control dispatched ambulances for two middle-schools students and a high-school pupil who had ingested something they shouldn't have. 

Northern Adirondack Central Superintendent Laura Marlow said none of the students had overdosed on drugs. 

“What occurred was a very precautionary measure," she said Wednesday. "We always err on the side of caution when it comes to the health of our students.

“In this case, all of the students are fine.”

Marlow said she could not comment on what prompted the ambulance calls but explained that even if a student were to ingest an aspirin that was not in a pill bottle and administered by the school nurse, Poison Control would require that the student be taken to the hospital. 

“Its very important for parents and students to know that anytime a student needs to take medication, it has to be prescribed, in a prescription bottle and administered by the nurse.”

Students, she said, cannot come to school with loose or unmarked medication, whether it's prescription or nonprescription. 

Marlow also noted that parents should keep medications in a very secure location within their homes. 

“Parents have to, along with the school, educate their children on the proper use of medications," she said. 

Marlow would not comment on whether any disciplinary measures would be taken as a result of Tuesday's incident but said a complete investigation would take place. 

“After a thorough investigation, we’ll assess the situation to see if we need to bring in outside agencies," she said. 

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