July 4, 2013

Teen embarks on European concert tour


“I like to paint, and I like to draw.

“I would describe it (my art) as big-headed cartoon characters with huge eyes or really small eyes, just, like, really unrealistic things,” she said.

Matthews also writes fan fiction for the television shows “Glee” and “White Collar,” likes to make cupcakes and loves to study biology.

“She’s a great photographer, too,” Price said.

“I usually take pictures of a lot of flowers because every time I try to take pictures of something alive, it runs away from me,” Matthews said.

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LISTEN, GIVE Those interested in listening to Xenia Matthews's musical creations can do so online at And tax-deductible donations to help cover her travel costs for the Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus European Concert Tour may be made until Aug. 1. Checks made payable to "Sound of America Honor Band and Chorus Summer Music Program" with the word "donation" on the memo line can be mailed to: Crystal Price, 12 Tiffany Way, Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

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