December 1, 2012

CCC moves forward with 2013-14 layoffs


“As we looked at those provisions at a time when the college is concerned with rising health care costs, it seemed to be an unattractive option that we would pay a higher percentage and potentially pay it for longer,” he said. 

The idea of a three-year proposal was also unattractive, he said, because it seemed likely that some of the people who received the incentive might have retired anyway during that time. 

“There were too many reasons taken together that made it an unattractive proposal,” he said. 

The college didn’t negotiate the proposal, he added, because, “When the proposal was made by Faculty Association president, a statement was made by the Faculty Association president that there wasn’t much room to negotiate the proposal.”

The employees affected by the layoffs, Jablonski said, will still be employed by the college through Aug. 31, 2013, if they so choose and have been offered transitional help with acquiring new work, whether that be through a new employer, or if the opportunity arises, through a different position at the college. 

“They’re good people,” Jablonski said. “They’re people that we want to be successful.”

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