December 1, 2012

CCC moves forward with 2013-14 layoffs


“As some positions were eliminated or vacated, they were either redesigned or redefined,” he said. 

Clinton Community College, he added, had 133 full-time employees in 2006-07 and 136 in 2011-12. 

Earlier this month, the college hired Lisa Shovan as its vice president for administration and finance at an annual salary of $105,000, an increase over the $95,263.77 annual salary of Thomas Moffett, who held the position just before Shovan.

Moffett stepped down from the role in August after accepting an early-retirement incentive offered by the college last spring. 

“There are a lot of counter examples where people were brought in at lower salaries,” Jablonski said. 

“The higher salary is based on what we needed to do to get a high-quality chief financial officer.”

In a written statement read aloud by CCC professor Vicky Sloan, fellow professor Janice Padula told the board she is disheartened that the college has not gone to an austerity budget given its current fiscal situation, and instead, spending has continued as usual. 

She added that the college community was not involved in the decision to eliminate positions for next school year. 

Jablonski told the Press-Republican that those who spoke publically at the meeting were expressing their opinions and are entitled to do so. 

“They said what they felt and spoke what was on their minds,” he said.   

Jablonski also noted that he convened a labor management meeting Oct. 24, during which time he discussed with union leaders the possibility of layoffs, as well as any ideas that might be had for minimizing them. 

“That was a very explicit conversation with the appropriate representatives of our bargaining groups,” he said. 

While addressing the board at Thursday’s meeting, Faculty Association President Catherine Eloranto said the group would do anything it could to protect any of its members identified for layoff and has made efforts through the years to reduce the college’s financial difficulties.

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