May 7, 2014

Peru School seeks members for committees

PERU — The importance of working together to chart a course forward for the Peru Central School District was a sentiment echoed by parents, students, teachers and community leaders who gathered during sessions in February.

Those meetings were the first step in a planning process to achieve a shared, ideal vision for the future, dubbed Peru 2020, the school said in a news release.

Attended by more than 80 people, the forums identified new ideas for the district, acknowledged past concerns and started shaping a path forward.

During recent years, Peru Central “has experienced a myriad of changes and pressures,” the release said.

“A communication chasm between the district and their stakeholders (students, parents, community leaders, etc.) has been further complicated with fresh challenges created by a change in superintendents, the Common Core standards, five new board members, Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plans and continuing budget concerns.”

CITEC Business Solutions is working with the district to develop a new, long-range strategic plan through the participation of representatives from throughout the community.

The next step will be to bring together students, parents, district staff, teachers, administrators, board members, business leaders and community members together to work on the Peru 2020 Strategic Plan.

Volunteers will be sought from stakeholder groups to serve on the Planning Team, as well as five committees focused on the areas defined at the February forums:

Achievement Committee: Addressing student success in and out of the classroom, academic programs and school accolades.

Innovation Committee: Generating new ideas to help the district grow and make it more successful for the future.

Well-Being Committee: Creating a healthy, safe and positive environment within the district.

Connection Committee: Determining how the district can best include and engage parents and the community for better communications and to make the school a cornerstone of Peru.

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