October 18, 2013

PCSD initiative supports middle-level education


For that reason, the initiative also calls for the development of multidisciplinary curriculum, which, Mazzella noted, will involve both teachers and students working together on projects that draw from multiple subject areas, as well as the sharing of concepts and skill sets within curricular programs.

“Kids have to have a blend and a combination of courses that work together,” he said.


A class schedule must also be developed that can facilitate the teaming structure and multidisciplinary curriculum, which, Mazzella added, won’t be easy.

“That’ll be a challenge because we’re sharing staff from the High School, but we believe it can be done, and we have a lot of teachers willing to look at all sorts of models to try to make this happen,” he said.

Planning and coordinating for the initiative began over the summer, and teacher subcommittees have been established for each of its components.

The coming months, Mazzella said, will be spent researching middle-level teaming models, visiting other schools with such models in place and developing one for Peru Central.

“Once we understand how the teaming will work, we’ll have to work out the scheduling,” he said.

And curriculum development, Mazzella added, will always be ongoing.


The hope is to have the teaming component in place for next fall, he said. 

However, implementing the entire initiative will be a multi-year process, and the school’s faculty and staff are aware of that.

“They realize that we’re going to have to take small steps to make this system work,” Mazzella said.

Having a strong middle-school structure in place, he told the Press-Republican in a separate interview, is an important part of helping students find their niches and become lifelong learners.

“It’s such a crucial age for the development of these kids,” he said.

PCSD Superintendent Dr. Patrick Brimstein expressed his support for the initiative during the meeting.

“I really want to applaud the work that Mr. Mazzella and Mrs. Felt have been doing with regard to recognizing the middle-school philosophy needs to be restored in a way that helps our students grow socially and academically and emotionally,” he told attendees.

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