February 22, 2014

Kids enflamed by Olympic excitement



"And sometimes I like where they get on a sled and they go down ice," Michaela added.


Jordan, on the other hand, prefers to watch figure skating.

“I like how they can just do it really well, and I just like to watch them because it’s really cool how they can do it, and normally they don’t fall," she said.

Emma is also a fan of the sport and enjoys "all the cool moves they do when they spin in the air.”

The Winter Olympics, however, are not of particular interest to Dakota Robinson, who prefers the Summer Games, "when they do the soccer in the arena.

"There’s the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, and (at) the Summer Olympics, there’s usually more teams than the Winter Olympics," the fifth-grader explained.


As for how many countries are participating in this year's winter event, fourth-grader Abby Scott said she isn't sure, "but I know it’s a lot.”

In fact, Jordan said, it's “about like 30 or 50 or something."

Though Abby likes to watch skiing and snowboarding, she thinks it might be nice if the Olympics also included a competition to see "how far you can kick a ball."

Emma feels "skipping rocks, like, (to) see how far you can do it," would also make a nice addition to the games.

“Skipping rocks could be one event," Mikey agreed, "but not, like, video games.”

To Michaela, however, the Olympics are fine just the way they are.

“I think they have everything that they need."

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