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November 6, 2013

Clinton County election results listed

Here’s a look at unofficial results, as reported late Tuesday by the Clinton County Board of Elections:


Area 2: Jonathan C. Beach (R, C), 1,499.

Area 4: Gerard A. Renadette (R, C), 767; Colin Read (D, I, WF), 1,017.

Area 6: Patty A. Waldron (D), 1,042; John C. Bernardi (R, I), 866.

Area 8: Mark P. Dame (R, I), 872; Robert E. Dolan (D), 680.

Area 10: Richard “Rick” Perry (R, C), 816; Robert “Bobby” Hall (D, I, WF), 900.

County Treasurer: Kimberly A. Davis (D, I, WF), 8,744; Susan Polhemus (R), 6,475.

District Attorney: Andrew Wylie (D, WF), 12,455.


Mayor: Christopher L. Rosenquest (independent), 1,372; Jim Calnon (R, I), 1,816; Mark C. Tiffer (D, WF), 794.

Common Council Ward 1: Maureen Carlo (independent), 78; Bill Ferris (R, C, I), 262; Rachelle C. Armstrong (D, WF), 386.

Common Council Ward 2: W. Michael Kelly (D, WF); 222; Michael J. Drew (R, I), 202.

Common Council Ward 3: Justin R. Meyer (D, WF), 370; Dale W. Dowdle (R, I), 409.

Common Council Ward 4: Peter Ensel (R, I), 435; Paul “Crusher” O’Connell (D, WF), 531.

Common Council Ward 5: Bruce Lawson (R, I), 325; Rebecca B. Kasper (D, WF), 321.

Common Council Ward 6: Christopher J. Jackson (independent), 79; Joshua A. Kretser (D, WF), 195; James R. A. Wemette (R, I), 98.


Town Council (top two win): Joey M. Snide (D), 225; Jeanne M. Bushey (D), 225; Gregory M. Spinner (R), 220; James E. Fountain (R), 239.


Town Council (top two win): Scot M. Zmijewski (R, C, I), 203; Steven D. Sucharski (D), 235.


Supervisor: Dennis J. Relation (R, C, I), 905

Town Council (top two win): Rufus “Joe” Deyo (D, WF), 738; Michael Morales (D, C, I, WF), 655; Sherman P. Dubrey (R), 590.

Assessor: Michel Fountain (R, C, I), 886.

Highway superintendent: Roger A. Perry, (R, C, I), 907. 

Town clerk/tax collector: Kelly M. LaFountain (R, C, I), 830; Maureen Bradish (WF), 202.


Town Council (top two win): Ronald G. Wilkins (D), 230; James J. Seguin (D), 249.

Town justice: Gary E. Frenia (D, C, I), 282.

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