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October 24, 2013

Officials mum on scares in store


The previous owner, Titherington Properties, made the space available for several years.

"The hospitality has been tremendous from both of them," Berg said.

They will need to scare up new digs for 2014 and beyond, though, he said.


Berg had outgrown his childhood enjoyment of Halloween, never gave it much thought until about a dozen or so years ago, when he volunteered to help with the Haunted House.

"I told my wife (Tammy) all about it; she came down the next year, and we were hooked.

"We've developed into a pretty close-knit family," he said of the many firefighters and others who conjure up the terrifying treat that crowds flock to every year.

Kind of like the Addams Family?

"That might be a correct analogy," Berg said.

"We accept volunteers from every walk of life — Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, nurses, troopers, retirees, college kids ..."

Mummies? Werewolves?

"I neither confirm nor deny there will be werewolves in the Haunted House," Berg said.

As for mummies, well, he remained mum on that.


Once the space is transformed, the props in place, the many actors get their skits together. 

Are they really actors? Or is it all real?

Berg wouldn't say.

But it will be hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling ... 

"The terror comes from the atmosphere we establish even before they enter," he said. 

Their victims are guided through the dark, unaware of what frightening scene will meet their eyes around each corner.

"And there are lots of corners," he said (insert another evil laugh here).

And electrifying? Might an electric chair jolt a poor soul into the world beyond?

"We are in the old Moldrite building," Berg admitted. "And there is plenty of electricity there — high-voltage electricity."

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