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September 8, 2013

Facebook response: Stay out of Syria

PLATTSBURGH — The United States should avoid involvement in the Syrian war, most Press-Republican Facebook readers say.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their opinions about whether America should respond to chemical-weapon use on civilians in that war-torn country.

Here are some of the responses on whether to get involved:

Rebecca Martin: “I think we should keep our noses out of it.”

Rebecca Lawrence: “I believe we should (get involved)! If they are heartless enough to use chemical warfare on their own people, what are they willing to do to the rest of the world?”

Tracy Murphy: “No. Obama cut thousands in govt aid because he wanted our country to save money. If he brings us back to all those who would and best give them back all their pay rate and stop taking money from those who fought for our freedom.”

Matthew Brassard: “We drew a line in the sand and that line was crossed. ... We can’t look like we have no backbone. We have to stay true to our word, or you will have more and more of this worldwide and they will know the U.S will just be blowing smoke.”

Dwayne Cross Jr.: “I still don’t see anything in the news about other countries getting involved with it. Why is that? I think the U.S. should tend to its own problems!”

Ann Jason Whalen: “Stay away, far, far away!

James Adam: “We should not bear the burden of the cost of war on our own. We should join together with our allies on a global scale to take care of this. Just because we have the best armed services doesn’t mean we should go in alone.”

Lauren Lloyd: “I don’t believe any living thing should suffer in any way at the hands of others. I also believe there is strength in numbers and feel it only fair to ask other countries for their support as they are probably in a position to benefit more so than the U.S.”

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