August 19, 2013

Sheriff may increase per-diem staff


---- — MALONE — Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill may ask state permission to add more per-diem workers to meet staffing mandates and save on overtime.

He is allowed, under an agreement with the State Commission on Corrections, to have a pool of 10 per-diem people to fill in for his full-time staff during vacations, sick time, training and other absences.

But the sheriff has had only seven per-diem workers to rely on since February, since there was no fresh Civil Service list to work from.

At the same time, his workforce strength has been down.

Mulverhill said he has had three people out on disability during that time, two away for six months of training, four assigned to another type of schooling for six weeks, two gone for a four-week course and one vacancy because the person left to take a job with the State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Per-diem workers are getting extra hours and added shifts, he said, which is taxing the Sheriff’s Department payroll budget but not breaking it.

“He has no option than to spend a little extra,” said County Manager Thomas Leitz. “He doesn’t have a lot of excess in his budget in the first place, but in theory, there will be no problem. 

“Overall with the payroll, we’re fine.” 

Legislators voted at the recent session to allow Mulverhill to hire a correction-officer sergeant and a temporary correction officer for a slot that had been vacant since it was created in December.

And they OK’d bringing aboard three per-diem people from a fresh corrections-officer Civil Service list.

Leitz said once those jobs are filled, overtime costs should go down.

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