June 3, 2013

Lookback: June 3 to 9


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25 YEARS — 1988

Disaster struck when a sudden wind capsized a 20-foot centerboard sailboat south of Valcour Island, dumping three overboard and entrapping a fourth person and a dog in an air pocket in the cabin below. Heather Rowe dove into the frigid waters from a nearby boat to save a man who was hopelessly tangled in the lines, and the other people and the dog were eventually rescued.

Mohawk businessman Eli Tarbell has reopened a gaming parlor in his Bears Den complex, six months after State Police shut down the parlor in a massive pre-dawn raid. Tarbell had 77 slot machines seized in that December raid, but this time has only eight gaming machines operating.

Acid rain is now said to be responsible for the deaths of one-fourth of the Adirondack’s 3,000 lakes and ponds. In one of his strongest worded reports to date, the Adirondack Council has urged the Reagan administration to enact acid rain legislation because further delay would be “nothing short of criminal negligence.”

Union members at the International Paper Company plant in Ticonderoga voted overwhelmingly to reject the company’s proposed three-year contract. With more than 90 percent of the rank and file voting, 75 percent said “no” to, among other things, the company’s determination to eliminate premium pay for Sundays and holidays, along with the proposal to institute a job flexibility requirement.

50 YEARS — 1963

Tourism in Clinton County is beginning to climb, with a goal yet undefined by local officials. State and county officials say big things are ahead for the tourist industry throughout the North Country.

The Essex County Board of Supervisors moved closer to the construction stage on two building projects — an infirmary and an underground Civil Defense Emergency Center. The emergency defense center will house key county government agencies in the event of an enemy attack.

The first of the Kennedy Administration’s manpower training programs in Clinton County has already attracted nearly four times as many potential applicants as it is designed for. Actually it isn’t a “manpower” training program, unless you use the term in a general sense, since it’s a 42-week training course for practical nurses.

Dannemora still has a future as a separate school, said Dr. John Harold, regardless of the recent move to annex Dannemora into the Saranac School District. However, Dannemora residents will have to pay for any new buildings themselves.

75 YEARS — 1938

One man was killed and four other persons were injured, one critically, in a head-on automobile crash on Cascade Road, four miles northwest of Lake Placid. State Police of the Ray Brook outpost said the accident occurred near the ski jump.

School electors of the City of Plattsburgh overwhelmingly expressed their approval yesterday of the transfer of the old high school building and premises to the City of Plattsburgh, with the restriction that the property be used solely for a public library. A last-minute effort by an unknown group to defeat the proposal failed.

“Desperate” North Country dairymen, testifying at a final hearing on a proposed federal/state milk marketing agreement, renewed threats of strike action unless immediate aid to their industry is forthcoming. The proposed program would establish, among other things, minimum prices that dealers must pay for each class of milk consigned from producers of five states.

100 YEARS — 1913

The actual construction work on the barge canal terminal at Plattsburgh will commence next week when the big dredging machines of the contractors D. F. Taylor and Company, of Utica, will plunge their great iron noses into the lake bottom at the Wilcox site of the new state dock and basin. The first dredging will be preparatory to sinking the log and stone cribs upon which will be erected the concrete walls of the terminal proper.

George W. Baker, the newspaper man selected by Gov. Sulzer to investigate the prisons of the state, made his report of conditions as he claims to have found them at Clinton prison. In his report, he features the death of a convict who was found in one of the prison’s punishment cells after having hung.

The 60th anniversary of the organization of St. Peter’s Church will be held with a celebration on June 23, the feast of St. Peter’s, with many dignitaries of the Catholic Church, and a number of former pastors of St. Peter’s parish present.

In a late hour and in an almost unavoidable manner, a Canadian automobile coming toward this city collided with a party traveling from the city in a rig on the Peru Road near Cooke’s greenhouse, both vehicles being badly damaged. The carriage was reduced to practically a wreck, and the horse so badly injured that it was necessary to shoot the animal.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Shawn Ryan