February 15, 2013

Rabid raccoon found in Keeseville


---- — KEESEVILLE — A rabid raccoon found in the Village of Keeseville has health officials reiterating the need for residents to take care.

The recent case joins many others in recent months in Essex County and some in southern Clinton County. 

In 2012, Essex County reported 14 cases of rabid raccoons, along with two skunks and a woodchuck. Animals with the dangerous disease were found in the towns of Chesterfield, Willsboro, Wilmington, Jay, Upper Jay, Elizabethtown, Westport, Essex and Ticonderoga.

A skunk and raccoon from AuSable were confirmed rabid earlier in 2012, and one bat from Chazy was confirmed rabid last July.

In late December, a rabid raccoon was found in the hamlet of Peru near Peru Central School; more recently, one was discovered on Calkins Road in Peru.

Franklin County reported no cases of rabid animals in 2012 and none so far in 2013.

Essex County Public Health recommends these prevention actions:

▶ Be sure all your animals — pets and livestock — are up to date on rabies vaccinations.

• Feed pets indoors and don’t leave pets outside unattended.

• Don’t feed, touch or adopt wild or stray animals.

• Tightly cap garbage cans and avoid attracting wild animals to your yard with birdseed or other food.

If your pet has contact with saliva or brain tissue of a suspected rabid animal, contact your veterinarian for medical care.

If you have been exposed to saliva or brain tissue of a suspected rabid animal:

▶ Wash all wounds thoroughly with soap and water.

▶ Seek medical attention immediately.

▶ Report animal bites or possible rabies exposures to your health department. 

Call the Essex County Health Department at 873-3500 to report a contact or if you have any questions. Visit for more information about rabies and rabies clinics offered by the department.

To report incidences in Clinton County, call 565-4870 or go to 

The Malone office of the Franklin County Public Health Department is at 481-1709, and the Saranac Lake office at 891-4471.

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