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February 9, 2013

Dissolution process detailed


The State Department of State would review the consultant’s report for objectivity and the findings would be presented to village residents at a public meeting, he said.

Between seven and 11 months after the initial vote, the process would enter a petitioning stage when residents can elect to file a permissive referendum in objection to the plan, Maguire said.

If no permissive referendum is filed, the plan would be adopted and the village would dissolve, absorbed by the Town of Champlain.


“You’ve got the simplest form of government here that’s does the most for the people, and if that village goes away, are you going to get more services?” Village Mayor Gregory Martin said.

But whether or not a dissolution is best for the village, some would simply like to see the results of the study, which will only happen if villagers vote to dissolve.

“I think there’s a benefit for the study,” said Ken Delafrange, a resident and former village trustee.

Whether the village residents ultimately choose to dissolve or not, the information gathered during the process could help increase efficiency and make residents more aware of how their local government operates, he said.


“The bottom line is the economics,” said 26-year village resident Kevin Triller, who initiated the petition.

He said he asked the Village Board in 2011 and 2012 to do a study similar to the one that would be conducted should residents vote to dissolve.

The board refused, he said.

Because the study wasn’t conducted, residents are “voting in the dark,” Triller said.

Landowners pay taxes and receive little in return, he said.

“The village has a handful staff that essentially do nothing,” he said. “The town picks up everything.”

Controversy aside, both the mayor and Triller said they were happy to see the meeting so well attended.

“I’m glad to see as many people here no matter what their thoughts were, to see them educated,” Triller said.

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