December 23, 2012

Clinton County Property Transfers: Dec. 10 through 14, 2012


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County Dec. 10 through 14, 2012. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To Rouses Point Beer Emporium LLC from Patrick L. O’Connor, Champlain, $135,000.

To Helen S. Dennin from Scott Fleming Sr., Dannemora $29,720.45.

To Annmarie Pecore, as trustee of the Richard P. Pecore Irrevocable Trust dated Oct. 16, 2012, and Theresa Pecore from Richard Pecore and Theresa Pecore, as joint tenants, survivor to take, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Sandra A. McGee, Regina G. Douglas-Blanch and Suzanne E. Burnett, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, from Sandra A. McGee, Peru, zero dollars.

To S&J Group, LLC, from Donald Velodota, Champlain, $3,000.

To Daniel D. Hayes from Michael F. Harmon and Sharron M. Harmon, Altona, $21,000.

To Fred W. Kelley and Doris E. Kelley from Fred W. Kelley and Doris E. Kelley, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Mark R. Siskavich and Heather E. Bordeau, as joint tenants with right of survivorship, collectively, from Vicki A. Tolosky and Helen J. Tolosky, as life tenant, collectively, Dannemora, $38,000.

To Ty Hull from Holden J. Laidman, Town of Plattsburgh, $95,000.

To Michael S. Lucas from KLC Development, LLC, Peru, $7,500.

To Chad T. Cooper and Kelly A. Cooper from Dawn M. Metcalfe, Town of Plattsburgh, $210,000.

To Ricky Lyman from William R. Bechore, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Joshua J. Bartholomew from Christopher J. Parent and Toni M. Parent, Peru, $171,500.

To Alexander S. Gibson IV from Heather G. Schlitt, AuSable, zero dollars.

To Shannon M. Carter, Francis E. Carter III and Larry M. Carter, Altona, zero dollars.

To Thomas A. Remillard and Timothy P. Remillard, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, from Rick Quero, Town of Plattsburgh, $40,000.

To Ian C. Fasking from Ian C. Fasking and Tracy L. Fasking, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Brian T. Tucker from Brian T. Tucker and Joseph L. Tucker, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Ronald E. Graham and Karen A. Graham from Ronald E. Graham, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To William E. Harp Jr. from Alice D. Church, City of Plattsburgh, $117,040.

To Thomas J. Dominy from Ronald R. Rodgers and Dianne L. Rodgers, Peru, $176,000.

To Napper Logging, LLC, from Gary L. Favro, referee, Saranac, $27,500.

To Gary B. Bourgeois from Joshua Dubay and Lia B. Broderick, Chazy, $84,500.

To Francine Poitras from Diana St. Clair and Eugene Pellerin, trustees of the Pellerin Irrevocable Family Trust, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Regina LaMere from Tracey (Sullivan) Laundry, Altona, zero dollars.

To Gregory J. Oshier from Rosemary Walker, Champlain, $125,000.

To Samantha Labelle and Sidney Labelle, as joint tenants with right of survivorship, from the Estate of Raymond G. Labelle, who died on Dec. 4, 2007, by Samantha LaBelle, as administrator, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Jenna E. Jarvis from Matthew W. Dewey, Beekmantown, $203,000.

To Monro Muffler Brake, Inc., from Conifer Northeast Associates, L.P., formerly known as Conifer Northeast Associates, Town of Plattsburgh, $775,266.

To N. Eric Johanson, trustee of the N. Eric Johanson Living Trust dated Sept. 5, 1997, from N. Eric Johanson, as to his undivided fifty percent interest, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To David W. Duprey, as a tenant by the entirety, from Arnold A. Duprey and Gale P. Duprey, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Ben Perron and Olivia Gillett, as tenants by the entirety, from Leeward Begore and Carlotta Begore, Chazy, $40,000.

To John C. Tyndall and Jessica L. Tyndall, as tenants by the entirety, from John M. Major Jr. and Florence E. Major, Chazy, $130,000.