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October 12, 2012

Chazy bottle drive to benefit ALS Foundation

CHAZY — Donate bottles and cans to Chazy Redemption Center on Saturday, and the proprietors will give the money to the ALS Raising Hope Foundation.

“There are a lot of cases (of amyotrophic lateral schlerosis) up here,” said Tim Collins, who owns the business at 9592 Route 9 with his wife, Karri. And their son, Shay, 8, helps out, too.

As his parents sort bottles in the back room, he often is up front, doing homework.

“He’s kind of like the human doorbell,” his father said, laughing. “He’ll yell to us” when a customer comes in.

Mr. Collins has an aunt who has ALS, commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease, and he has seen what others go through — that’s why he chose the Hope Foundation as recipient of this bottle drive. 

ALS an incurable, rapidly progressive disease that attacks the nerve cells that control voluntary muscles.


The ALS Foundation will get the 5 cents per redeemable container that would normally go to the customer, Mr. Collins said, and the Redemption Center will give 1 cent of the money it makes when it turns the bottles in.

That’s 6 cents, total, per bottle or can.

Don’t bring in empty ketchup bottles, though. Or bottles that held ice tea or sports drinks. Those are some containers people have bagged up with their redeemables, Collins said.

Redeem and recycle get confused sometimes, he said.

“It has to say ‘5 cents returnable New York’ on the bottle or can, he emphasized.

That includes plastic water bottles, he noted.

“I don’t think a lot of people” realize that, he said. “And some people don’t think they can bring Stewart’s (Shops) or Price Chopper bottles. (But) as long as it says ‘New York 5 cents,’ they can.”


Chazy Redemption Center does have a recycling bin, and the company that picks up the returnable bottles and cans does take those non-redeemable items. But the Collinses don’t make any money handling them and ask that customers recycle elsewhere.

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