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January 22, 2014

Facebook readers debate icy sidewalks


Heather Wolfe Thibault: “When the property owner has already cleared their sidewalk, but the plow then plows up a 4-foot bank of solid ice onto the cleared sidewalk, it can be very difficult to re-clear. After going through several shovels and several bags of salt, the sidewalk is still not completely clear again. During times of ice storms and low, non-melting temps, sometimes allowances have to be made. (I greatly appreciate the plows & drivers; they do a marvelous and important job! The ice is better off on the sidewalks than in the road, and sometimes those are the only choices.)”

Vicki Moore: “Taxes are extreme here. Give someone a job and put tax money to something useful. Problem solved. No one would then have to make up excuses except for the city.”

Tricia Mihal: “We use to own a home located on a corner, we always cleared it. I would have been embarrassed to not have it done. We had a such great stretch of warm weather, all sidewalks should be cleared by now. As for the seniors or disabled, maybe a program could be set up to have individuals who are required to perform court ordered community service shovel those sidewalks.”

Kathy Diedrich Baumgarten: “Homeowners and landlords should do it. If they don’t, the city shouldn’t do it for them; that will raise taxes. They should just fine them every time and add that to their property taxes.”

Craig Rock: “It is the homeowner’s responsibility... always has been. It is part of living in the city. If you don’t like it maybe you you move outside the city limits.”



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