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January 22, 2014

Facebook readers debate icy sidewalks


Lise Davidson: “I think the home owners who are saying the city (should plow) are the ones who have not cleared their sidewalks. I have heard complaints about lack of salt and we got a lot of ice. Well, I had the same amount of ice and the same trouble finding salt. I put down sand. We had a few nice warm days following the ice storm. I put down what was left of my salt and then started chopping. They make tools for just this activity. They are called ice choppers. It took going out a few times a day (I got tired and sore) and about 2-3 days. I was able to get rid of all the ice both on my sidewalk and driveway. I also paid someone to do the initial cleanup. I also have a child who attends the Middle School. South Catherine St. was absolutely ridiculous! There was no way she was going to walk home from school. That street is dangerous to walk in the road and the sidewalks were impassable. ... Is it going to have to take a child being killed because they have to walk in the road to get to and from school??”

Brenna Miller: “Whoever’s (responsibility it is), shame on them! In the recent weeks as ice and snow has piled, people are pushing strollers and students walking in the streets because they couldn’t access the sidewalk. Terrible.”

Jeremy Bleaux: “How much do you guys think the taxes are going to go up after you have the city employees clean your sidewalks. The problem with society is they are so lazy. Get off your butts and shovel your sidewalks.”

Brenna Miller: “We live in an area where we have blizzards EVERY year. Shouldn’t this be figured out already???”

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