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April 14, 2013

Locals divided about need for cursive


We understand the need to use the keyboard since technology plays such a large role in our lives; nonetheless, your written signature is as unique as your smile. Let’s keep both!”

Ann MacAbee: “Have you ever really looked at a historical document?Even knowing cursive makes it difficult to read!”

James Bishop: “Education must change and evolve with demand. There are lots of useful tools that were once commonly taught but have since been tossed aside. How many people can fix a flat tire or change the oil in their car? Is balancing a checkbook still taught in school as it was in early 2000? I learned cursive in grade school just to attend a top engineering university which would only accept assignments in uppercase print. The foreign language that would be most beneficial to your child’s future might just be Java, C++, or MatLab instead of French, German, or cursive.”


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