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December 12, 2013

Police: Two arrested after frat-house assault


Racicot said City Police have dealt with the AXP fraternity before.

“We have had issues at this location before ... but that doesn’t mean that it’s the same people.”

Students come and go from the organization, he said, with some graduating and others moving into the house.

While members of fraternities do cause trouble in the City of Plattsburgh from time to time, Racicot said that’s not typical for those who participate in Greek life.

“We’re only dealing with a very small population of the overall Greek organizations.”

“There’s a lot of things that fraternities and sororities do that are very positive,” he said. “They do a lot of community service.”


SUNY Plattsburgh just recently received files on the investigation and has begun to review them, Ouellette said; AXP activities were ordered halted as of Nov. 26. 

“Definitely, their (school) recognition is in jeopardy at this point.”

Neither of the two men had been suspended from school as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Some of whatever consequences that happen as a result of this can’t happen until after (winter) break probably,” Ouellette said. “But there is likely to be (college) judicial action.”


The alleged sexual assault, which involved unwanted sexual contact but not rape, remained under investigation, Racicot said.

Police are awaiting the results of lab work to confirm whether the woman was drugged, he said.


College officials expressed their disappointment with the alleged criminal activity, saying that it takes away from the positive efforts of many students.

“Acts of violence, especially acts of violence against women, run counter to the mission and values of SUNY Plattsburgh,” the college said.

“Thousands of our students work hard to enhance both our college and the surrounding community. They volunteer their time and treasure in support of local and national nonprofits. They shovel driveways, rake leaves, mentor children.

“We are saddened to see the thoughtless actions of a few eclipse those efforts and will continue to work to educate our student body to be thoughtful, productive members of the community.”

“If and when our students fall short, we will continue to take appropriate action.”

— News Editor Suzanne Moore contributed to this report.

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