December 24, 2011

Generosity ensures gifts for children

Local business owner pays it forward at layaway counter


PLATTSBURGH — A generous gesture by a local business will ensure a special Christmas for a number of families.

Plattsburgh Kmart Office Manager Darcy Case said the anonymous business owner came in Friday morning, wanting to pay off all the layaways that included items for children.

Store employees took out the documents and went through the layaway notices, calculating which involved gifts for kids. The total amount came to $2,500.

The business paid that off — and when a shopper came up to the service desk to take care of her $300 layaway bill, the owner covered that, too.

Case said the business wanted to make the payments anonymously, so she could not release the name.

Store employees starting phoning customers with layaways to tell them what had happened.

"When I called one man to tell him, before I could explain the situation, he started begging me not to return the items to the shelf," Case said.

He told her he had worked several days of overtime so he could pay off his $600 in presents before Christmas.

"When I told him it was paid, he started crying," Case said.

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