December 15, 2012

Woman rescued from Point Au Roche


---- — POINT AU ROCHE — A 29-year-old woman, who reportedly had been stranded on Point au Roche near Middle Bay since Wednesday, was rescued Friday and rushed to the hospital.

New York State Parks spokesman Dan Keefe identified the woman as Sarah LePak of Saranac Lake.

“We understand that her injuries are not life-threatening,” Keefe said Friday afternoon, adding that LePak suffered from hypothermia and injuries to her lower extremities.

“I was there when they came ashore” after the water rescue, said Clinton County Office of Emergency Services Director Eric Day. “She was conscious and seemed to be aware of her surroundings.”

“Initially, the call came from some other hikers that happened to see her out there,” said Beekmantown Volunteer Fire Department Chief Darryl Menard.

Menard said LePak told EMTs she had fallen while she was hiking Wednesday and was too injured to walk.

She had tried to get help, possibly via cell phone, with no luck, Menard said.

“The rescuers that had walked off the trail were having difficulty finding her” at first, Day said.

It’s possible that LePak fell off an embankment a short distance from where rescuers found her — on a rocky beach area off the marked trail — when they hiked across the Point shortly after noon Friday, Day said.

Firefighters and EMTs determined it would be too dangerous to carry her across the rough terrain to the ambulance waiting for her, Menard said.

They wrapped LePak in blankets and waited while the Cumberland Head Volunteer Fire Department’s water rescue boat crossed the water.

LePak was immediately put in the ambulance, which left for CVPH Medical Center at about 1:10 p.m. On standby was the Saranac Technical Rope Rescue squad.

“They (EMTs) said another night would have been deadly,” Menard said. “She’s very lucky.”

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