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December 10, 2012

Girl finds that chickens can make great companions


“I was asking the most questions out of anybody there,” Addie said.

The forum featured a board of local farmers to answer questions, and Addie took advantage of the opportunity. She said she asked the professionals everything she could think of, including what type of chickens did best in the cold weather and how to protect them from predators using a different fence.

The board recommended building the fence around the coop a little deeper and in an “L” shape so the predators wouldn’t be able to dig directly under.

Her main question, she said, was: “Is there any reason why the chicks can’t live in my room?”

They said no, so “obviously,” Trish said, “I had to say yes, too.”

Once the chicks were too old to live inside, the family moved them to an enclosed porch for about a month.

“You have to be careful; they’re so little. Hawks or other animals will get them,” Trish said, adding that they were there for a month before being moved into the coop.


Addie said she loves her chickens because they’re different than cats or dogs.

She goes out to the coop and gives her pets a gallon of water a day and makes sure the feeder isn’t empty. She said she cleans the coop — including the poop — and said she doesn’t mind anything but the smell.

“I want to have chickens forever,” Addie said. “They make good friends.”

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