December 2, 2013

Lookback: Dec. 2 to 8


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25 YEARS — 1988

A new recycling plan adopted by the county will impact every resident and will likely increase trash-collection fees. The plan calls for a separation of newsprint, cardboard and glass from waste, though whether separate piles would be placed at the curbside or separated at the landfill is still to be decided. The project is expected to reduce the waste stream by 23,000 tons, which would increase the life of the new Schuyler Falls landfill by 10 to 20 years. 

Two Lake Placid radio stations, WIRD-AM and WLPW-FM, are to be sold by Donald and Kathryn Nardiello for $1 million. The new owners of 920 AM and 105.5 FM, a group of businessmen who call themselves Adirondack Network Systems, plan to revamp the station programming to adult contemporary, along with other alterations. The deal will be finalized pending FCC approval.

Northeastern Clinton Central School is implementing an AIDS Education Program for students in grades seven through 12. The curriculum has to be developed and adopted by the board of education and will become one of many units taught in health classes. The school district is following the commissioner of education’s regulations that state no pupil is required to receive AIDS education with regards to methods of prevention if the parent or legal guardian files a request with the school principal.

50 YEARS — 1963

The Miner Institute, which was created to teach agricultural subjects to boys, is now offering college preparatory courses after an alumni survey showed about 90 percent of all students continued their education. The current enrollment of 45 is now divided evenly between students in the agribusiness program and those in the college preparatory program. 

Rouses Point and the Plattsburgh Common Council protest the Delaware and Hudson Railroad’s proposal to drop the Albany-Montreal day-time Laurentian train that has been in service since 1928. The railroad said that the Laurentian ran $217,000 in the red last year, and the losses the year are running even higher. 

SUNY Plattsburgh was selected by the U.S. State Department to host 20 foreign students from eight different countries for the holiday season. The students are attending various colleges and universities around the country. They will stay at the Valcour Educational Conference Center and will become acquainted with local cultural, social and educational aspects of the college and the community. Various community organizations and individuals are asked to provide opportunities for the students to observe the community in action. 

75 YEARS — 1938

A dozen of the Black Horse troop horses are still kept in the long stable back of the Troop B police barracks, but the 55 that once filled the stable are no longer needed to help people in distress on back roads thanks to snowplows and patrol cars. The troop, all black horses with names beginning with the letter B, were widely known in the outposts they patrolled and at county fairs, football games and other public places where a man on a horse has authority. 

The Dairymen’s League Cooperative Association meeting was held this week in Beekman Grange Hall, with every local in the county represented. The meeting was opened with a piano solo, and the principal speaker, Ernest Strobeck, stressed the importance of working together to support a new marketing order and that every dairyman must not be misled by propaganda. Another speaker, Mr. McClenathan, said that North Country dairymen are just as entitled to their share of fluid milk prices as those near New York City. 

The Board of Regents approved a bill changing the State Normal School into State Teachers Colleges as well as a financial program to make the development possible. The bill, which will be submitted to the 1939 State Legislature, was also approved by the State Teachers Association and the New York State Council of School Superintendents .

100 YEARS — 1913

The Plattsburgh Elks Lodge is considering the purchase of the Foquet House, a famous summer hotel in Northern New York. The basement and first floors will be used as a club house and the second and third floors will be used as apartments for Elks visiting the City. The Plattsburgh Lodge is one of the most active and energetic fraternal organizations in the city.

The International Amateur Outdoor Skating Championship will be held in Saranac Lake. The Boys Club of the Adirondack resort where the events will be contested announced that the rink will be reserved for any dates the skating officials may set.

Beavers have obstructed and built many dams on navigable streams across the Saranac River and several other places in the Adirondacks. The law prohibits disturbing them, stating that no person shall take or posses a beaver at any time. However, the law also states that should a quadruped become destructive of public or private property, the commission can issue a permit to dispose of the animal. The issue now is whether dam-making is destroying property.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Amy Heggen