November 18, 2013

Dannemora says no to solar power


---- — DANNEMORA — Solar energy and natural gas were discussed recently by the Dannemora Village Board.

Soltage, a full-service renewable-energy company, approached the board about installing solar panels on the village’s Community Center and lands.

There was no cost to the village for installation and maintenance expenses, but the village would incur cost through the purchase of solar energy, Mayor Michael Bennett said.

“Our board wasn’t in favor of doing it,” he said. “We have a rubber roof on the building. They were concerned about the warranty on the roof. They didn’t want to put up any other structures on top of the roof.

“They (Soltage) need five acres to put solar panels up, and we don’t have that at the Community Center.”


Access to natural gas for residents living in the lower part of the village was also discussed.

“We have some residents looking to get hooked up,” Bennett said. “We have offered to lend a hand with New York Gas & Electric to get it done so this one area can convert over.

“It’s in 80 percent of the village right now. I don’t know how many have actually converted.

“The area where we’re trying to get it is in one of the new developments on Pleasant and Overlook streets.”

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